Tips & Tricks



Traditionally houses sell well in Spring. However, you can beat the rush and get in early before your home will be one of hundreds on the market once spring has bloomed.

Here are some of our tips to sell in the cooler climate and entice buyers to come in out of the cold.


Set the mood and turn up the heat

You should make your home feel warm, cozy and inviting. The temperature in the rooms should be comfortable creating a space where the buyer will want to remain longer. Create a mood. If you have a wood fire light it, nothing beats the heat of a wood fire not to mention the ambience.

Winter is all about layering and a great time to style on a budget. The addition of throws and cushions to lounges and beds in a blend of different material is simple and effective.

Create comfort zones by adding rug to cold hard floors also a great way to add colour and textures to your room.

Transform your outdoor space into a winter wonderland. Add an outdoor heater to your entertaining area or a simple rustic fire pit with a few chairs and cushions.


Lighten up the House

Open all curtains and turn on all the lights. Declutter, a home that has been simplified and removed of unnecessary clutter will seem bigger. Allow the buyer to visualise their own belongings in the space.  Create a sense of flow from one room to the next. Remove large objects that may intrude for example coffee tables and armchairs.

Clean up the yard

Cut down dead flowers and tree limbs around the house.  Help let the natural light through windows.

Remove all dead leaves on your lawn. Clean up paths and driveways. Winter will enhance the evidence of water damage. Repair any leaking taps remove moss or mould of exterior paths and around drains.

Make the house sparkle.

First impressions last repaint your front door and buy a new welcome mat. Clean any light fittings at the entrance of the home.

Cleaning your windows from cobwebs, dust and streaks, make your windows shine. Remove dead insects and dirt from the window panes. Remove screens and wash them down. Pressure wash the exterior removing the red dust that can tend to stain.

Scrub the bathroom, re-grout any areas that may be stained or loose. Re paint sealing and remove any signs of mould. In winter windows tend to remain closed air out the bathroom prior to any inspections eliminating any damp smells.