12 tips for Christmas will help to keep Australian homes safe this holiday season

Media release - 22nd December, 2015

With millions of Australians set to take a well-earned break this summer, there are some simple strategies that can ensure your home and contents are in perfect order when you return. The latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) showed there were 181, 879 incidents of unlawful entry with intent in Australia in 2014, with residential break-ins representing 71% of burglaries. Nearly seven in ten victims of unlawful entry with intent, had property taken (68% or 122,952 victims).

“The summer holidays have been a traditional favourite with burglars and apart from installing an extensive network of CCTV surveillance cameras, there are other measures worth considering that can help keep your home safe this summer,” said Angus Raine, Executive Chairman of Raine & Horne.

“We’ve developed Raine & Horne’s 12 Tips for Christmas, based loosely on the famous carol, “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, to ensure that homeowners don’t forget to secure their most important asset, their home, before they leave on a well-deserved summer break.

“The 12 tips remind us about the classic summer risks of burglary and bushfires, which can take the fun out of the holiday season and leave us well and truly out of pocket.”

Raine & Horne’s 12 Tips for Christmas

Tip 1: Deck those halls

When you hang your Christmas lights this holiday season, make sure you use indoor lights indoors and outdoor lights outdoors.

Tip 2: Make friends with your neighbours

You never know when you’ll need a little help. Take the neighbourly small talk to the next level. Kindly ask your neighbours to housesit for you, feed your pets, or even take the bins out while you're away on holiday.

Tip 3: Fake your presence

Outsmart the invaders. Enjoy your holiday without having to worry by giving the illusion that you're at home even though you may be miles away.

Tip 4: Don't leaf it too late!

Go on holiday knowing you've done everything you can to reduce fire risk in and around your house. Clean leaves out of gutters and cut back overhanging trees.

Tip 5: Talk to your postie

Give your neighbourhood postie a call – or try and catch him when he or she is doing his or her rounds. You don't want to come home to a mailbox crammed to the brim with letters and bills. Your postie can hold your mail and this will help you avoid leaving obvious footprints that you're not home.

Tip 6: Windows of opportunity

Don't let thieves get a glimpse inside your home. Make sure to close your curtains, shutters or blinds. Don't let your open panes become windows of opportunity for robbery.

Tip 7: Monitor your home

Get a bit tech savvy and set up surveillance and motion activated cameras so your home is safe this Christmas.

Tip 8: Don’t announce your holiday

Avoid broadcasting to the world on social media that you’re going on holidays to prevent unwanted invitations to your empty home.

Tip 9: A Lockwork Orange

Make sure you lock up all doors before leaving the house.

Tip 10: Give Rover some love

Let your pets know you're going away on holidays. Be sure to organise a pet sitter before you leave, and bring them home a special treat just to show how much you love them

Tip 11: Say no to Grinches

Don't leave unopened presents under the tree while you're away to prevent nasty Grinches from stealing your Christmas.

Tip 12: Save the power

Turn off unnecessary power in the house. Why waste money on electricity when you can save it to go on more holidays?


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