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Reporting Maintenance

General Repairs

If something in the premises requires maintenance, leaks or needs fixing you must advise your Property Manager as soon as possible. We require all general repairs to be lodged to our office in writing and you can lodge the request via email. We will endeavour to respond to your request as soon as possible.


Urgent Repairs

Should an emergency occur during business hours, please call us immediately on 02 4472 6055 or please refer to the after-hours emergency tradesman on your Residential Tenancy Agreement.


Emergency Tradesman

Electrician – South Coast Electrical Solutions on 0404 157 330 

Plumber - Joe Nasser Plumbing on 0414 360 751 

SES - 13 25 00


The law distinguishes between urgent (emergency) repairs and those which are not so urgent. Urgent repairs are:

(a) a burst water service, 

(b) an appliance, fitting or fixture that uses water or is used to supply water that is broken or not functioning properly, so that a substantial amount of water is wasted,

(c) a blocked or broken lavatory system, 

(d a serious roof leak, 

(e) a gas leak, 

(f) a dangerous electrical fault,

(g( flooding or serious flood damage, 

(h serious storm or fire damage, 

(i) a failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the premises, 

(j) a failure or breakdown of any essential service on the residential premises for hot water, cooking, heating, cooling or laundering, 

(k) any fault or damage that causes the premises to be unsafe or insecure.


Air conditioners

Please, regularly clean any filters and intake vents to ensure there is no build-up of dirt and dust, and that the unit is able to draw in air effectively, not hindering performance, or in the worst-case scenario, causing the unit to break-down resulting in costly repairs and/or replacement. 


Please also note that if an air conditioner breaks down due to filters and vents not being kept clean, costs to rectify the damage or even replace the unit might be charged to tenants.



If the property you are renting has a fireplace, this cannot be used unless you have been given permission from us in writing. Sometimes these are ornamental, or the flue/chimney has been blocked up. Using them could cause a fire to occur.


Strict No Smoking Policy

All properties have a strict ‘no smoking inside’ policy. If tenants are found to have smoked inside the property, they will be responsible for specialised cleaning and deodorising of the inside of the property to reduce and eliminate unpleasant smoke odours. This can easily run into the hundreds of dollars and is charged to the tenant.


Tenant Painting

Please discuss directly with your Property Manager in this case.


Fixtures and Fittings

If you wish to install or remove any fixtures or fittings, you must request this beforehand, in writing and it must be approved by the owner.


Picture Hooks

If you wish to install any new picture hooks, please let your Property Manager know in writing what type of hooks you wish to use, in which rooms and the number of hooks. Please assess the type of walls that are in the property, and the type of picture hooks that are suitable. 

We will let you know in writing before you are permitted to install appropriate picture hooks.


Taps leaking

Please report any taps leaking including from a tap head or tap handles. This includes washing machine taps. Sometimes washing machine taps will leak only when connected to automatic washing machine hoses as the tap water pressure exposes leakage in the taps.


Lawn Maintenance

Please ensure that lawns are regularly mowed and edged, keeping them neat and tidy. This is at the tenants cost. Weeding of garden beds, inside lawns, paths, paving and other outside areas are the responsibility of the tenant. Trimming of bushes and shrubs in and around the garden are also the responsibility of the tenant.


Pool/Spa Cleaning

Pool/Spa cleaning and maintenance, unless it is agreed that the landlord will be supplying a regular cleaning and maintenance service as per your Residential Tenancy Agreement, this will be a tenant responsibility.


Please note that if regular cleaning does not occur by the tenant, high costs can be incurred to bring it back to its original clean state. If this occurs, this will be at tenant cost. It is also a tenant responsibility to ensure that the pool/spa is kept topped up with water, and must not empty the pool/spa without written approval from us.


Any damage to the pool & equipment from lack of cleaning/maintenance will be charged to the tenant. Supplying of pool treatment chemicals will be a tenant responsibility, at tenant cost.


Pool/Spa Fences and Gates

We must be notified immediately if fences and gates are not functioning correctly, and the gate fails to self-close promptly when opened. State pool/spa regulations must be followed at all times.