Growing up in Batemans Bay has given Euan a profound respect for the community he calls home. Seeing Eurobodalla become one of the fastest-growing coastal regions in Australia has developed in Euan a keen interest in the real estate industry.

Exceptional problem-solving skills, unwavering patience and a perennially polite demeanour have seen Euan thrive as the first point of contact for Raine & Horne Batemans Bay. 

Euan’s welcoming personality is a major factor in the enjoyment he gets from the social nature of working in a busy team environment. His diligence and attention to detail have seen him quickly and effectively take command of a pivotal role in the office.

Driven to succeed and motivated to improve at every opportunity, Euan gains a genuine sense of satisfaction from being part of the amazing team at Raine & Horne Batemans Bay. Euan believes his dedication and commitment will serve him well in pursuit of a meaningful career in real estate.