Dear Kate,


Dina has now returned home from Switzerland and we have opened the gift you gave us.  Thank you very much for the lovely book and kind thoughts. 


We would also like to thank you for the happy, efficient and competent service you have given us throughout the buying process.  You have always been on top of every question asked and quick to rectify any problem that arose. 


We are especially happy with the liaison between you and the previous owner.  When we took possession of the unit it was cleaned to a very high level, much higher than I thought possible having seen its state from the last tenant.  I believe it is because of your input that such a huge endeavour was made on the part of the previous owner and we thank you for going to that extra effort and making our buying experience such a pleasure. 


Dina has now started to plan the new paint, floor coverings and furnishings for the unit and may call on your local knowledge for some procurement advice.


We are looking forward to seeing you when we start coming to the South Coast on a regular basis.


Kindest regards



 Excellent customer service