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Interest rate cuts increase housing affordability

Published 13 days ago

Tuesday, the 2nd of July 2019 saw prospect home buyers a little closer to their Australian dream! APRA's ease on lending guidelines and the RBA’s decision to cut interest rates to 1% is a major boost to housing affordability for new home buyers. In December 2014, The Australian Prudential Regul...


Winter Chills, Spring Thrills

Published 27 days ago

Folklore has it that winter is not a good time to sell, and one often sees a listing rush during autumn and a new burst of interest in spring. 2019 could be different as interest rates have had the long predicted fall and APRA lending restrictions have already been eased, each bringing a fresh fl...


Stamp Duty Changes for NSW almost here  

Published about 2 months ago

From July 2019 NSW will become the first state to tie the price brackets that determine how much stamp duty is paid by home buyers to inflation, according to a government announcement (AAP 5 November 2018) Home buyers are promised cheaper stamp duty under the first major change to the tax in 30 ...


Buying Versus Renting - The Old Conundrum

Published 2 months ago

A decision to buy a first home can be a worry for people on limited budgets or those who have been renting for many years.  In addition to rent plus energy and water usage, buying means rates, insurance and maintenance expenses to consider. Many prospective home buyers might be concerned they wi...


Reality in Reporting Real Estate

Published 2 months ago

One topic guaranteed to generate sensational headlines is real estate! We are told that real estate is booming, the next day they’re predicting falls of up to 20 per cent across the board. Most Australians have grown up with dinner table conversations around real estate prices. Most Australians a...


Change property 'turn offs' into 'turn ons'

Published 3 months ago

Property buyers can often be put off a purchase when vendors haven’t noticed that their property or its surrounds need radical or even just cosmetic improvement.  Drab, outdated kitchens can ruin a potential sale as can older style bathrooms and utility rooms. If a home has been in the one famil...


Tips for Property Investment

Published 3 months ago

 Looking to buy an investment property, now that the market is friendlier? Here are a few ideas which may help. Let’s start with location. Decide what you want first. If it’s an old house you can rent rooms with shared facilities then you need an area where there are lots of students, or lots of...


Trees and Hedges

Published 3 months ago

One frustration in suburban living is trees and hedges overhanging from an adjoining property. This often means restricting views, excluding sunlight, the never ending collection of tree droppings in winter and branch or root intrusion. While an owner has a common law right to cut back anything g...


Emphasise your selling points

Published 4 months ago

You don’t need sweeping gardens or stunning views to sell your home. Other good selling points attract buyers. A family home with a well-conceived floor plan and a family room that opens onto a lovely garden with schools nearby will be popular regardless of the market conditions. In times like t...


Are modern and contemporary designs different?

Published 4 months ago

Is there a difference between a “modern” and a “contemporary” home?  Do these architectural styles have anything in common? Let’s have a look. Contemporary design tends to refer to architecture of today and, as such, it is constantly evolving. It could contain a mix of aesthetics, including idea...


Saving for a Deposit

Published 5 months ago

Don’t despair if you haven’t got the money yet for a home deposit. A positive outlook, a budget and a plan will get you over the line. Professional advice is extremely useful. There’s help out there if you seek it. Most importantly, saving starts with a plan and a budget. Add up your monthly ex...


What makes an ideal location?

Published 5 months ago

Let’s have a look at 5 important issues:   Proximity: Is the property close to places important to you? Maybe schools if you have a family, hospitals if you are older or have a medical condition, major shopping centers, workplaces, parks, water or the like. There are good things about being clos...