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"Try on" a Home Before you Buy

Published  6 days

It’s common place to try dresses, pants or shoes before buying them. Even try a new meal before you buy the ingredients to make it. People instinctively know they need to try things to be sure they feel comfortable or taste right. Isn’t it even more important to “try on” a home before you purchas...


Thinking of Buying at This Time

Published  18 days

The wise owls of the real estate market are fond of giving advice on buying and selling property. If you read a bit about the Australian housing market you know by now all the reasons why housing might be overvalued: low interest rates, insufficient supply, greedy banks lending way too much, popu...


Raine & Horne ‘amplifies’ market to reach over 15m Aussies

Published  about 1 month

Raine & Horne partnered up with a new social media platform earlier this year, and the partnership has given the brand an audience reach of more than 10 times the industry average. Executive chairman of Raine & Horne Angus Raine revealed at their national conference in July that since partnering...


Matt Clifton wins significant industry recognition

Published  6 months

The 2018 Raine and Horne State Awards were held recently and our Bathurst team received some well-deserved recognition!  The major winner on the night was long-term Raine & Horne Bathurst principal Matt Clifton, who was awarded the Graeme Skarratt Award. “The Graeme Skarratt Award recognises Ma...


We are community minded

Published  9 months

We strongly believe in the importance of being good members of our community and are a proud supporter of many great organisations, charities and fundraisers. Over the last two years, we have proudly donated over $65,000 to Lifeline Central West. Read more here Throughout the years our team hav...


RBA delivers cash rate verdict

Published  about 1 year

The Reserve Bank of Australia has announced the official cash rate for September, following its monthly board meeting. The RBA has decided to maintain the current official cash rate at its record low of 1.50 per cent. Having delivered the same result for 13 months, it is an RBA verdict that will...


Raine & Horne predicts a strong spring for NSW regional markets

Published  about 1 year

Buyers priced out of Sydney’s property market are set to drive up real estate values in towns such as Bathurst, Wagga Wagga and Tamworth this spring. Buyers priced out of Sydney’s property market are set to drive up real estate values in towns such as Bathurst, Wagga Wagga and Tamworth this spri...


You've got to be in it to win it!

Published  about 1 year

Bathurst BIZ Month in on in the month of September!  The Western Advocate together with Bathurst Broadcasters are giving away a brand new car! It is a way of rewarding the Bathurst community and promoting the buy local message.  Raine & Horne Bathurst are supporting the promotion and are giving...


That List

Published  about 1 year

People try on clothes to ensure they fit, feel comfortable and are attractive. What about a home?  It’s the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make. Isn’t it important to “try on” a home before buying it? It’s usual to look for a home in places that are convenient to work and schools, to take t...


First Home Buyers & Stamp Duty

Published  about 1 year

Exciting news to come out of the 2017 Budget - especially if you're a first home buyer. And here's why... First home buyers in NSW could save up to $34,000 under the Government's new suite of housing affordability measures. The measures which are designed to support first home buyers, provide s...


Re-Energise your Home

Published  about 1 year

Your home may be in good condition and well built, yet simple clutter will create a perception of chaos, confusion, and disorder.  The purchase decision is an emotional and intellectual response, based on a level of trust in your home.  When buyers see clutter, they assume that the home has been ...


Best to buy?

Published  about 1 year

Why do property developers sell off-the-plan? There are many reasons, but it’s usually that if a property developer puts a finance proposal to a lender, the lender usually wants to see a good percentage of the proposed project sold before advancing any money. Hence lots in a development are sold ...

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