Property Matters, September Newsletter


Welcome to the September edition of Property Matters.

In this issue we look at why borrowers are turning away from the big four banks in favour of smaller lenders with more competitive rates.

We also look at the upcoming introduction of Extreme Level Water Restrictions in Bathurst. From the 14th of October, property owners and their tenants will be unable to water their lawns and will be restricted in the days, times and manner in which they can water their gardens.

We also highlight the Bathurst Breast Cancer Creperie Fundraising Event we held last week in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, raising over $1200 for this wonderful cause.

We hope you enjoy this edition!


Real Estate updates


How the new banking legislation will affect you...

The Morrison Government will begin putting recommendations from Financial Services Royal Commission into law, so what does this mean for you?
When the Royal Commission's findings were...

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ghgng  Why borrowers are turning away from the big banks...

Borrowers have turned away from the big four banks in 2019 in favour of small lenders with more competitive rates, according to new data from an online mortgage broker...

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ghgngn Why this spring selling season will be different...

Prices are slowly starting to increase and we are looking at vastly different demand conditions from spring 2018. Buyers are back and are experiencing...

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ghgngn Homes for Homes: lets help change homelessness...

Buyers, sellers and investors looking to help the homeless can do so through property transactions thanks to a new program that aims to create social and affordable housing...

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Local News

Below are the EXTREME level water restrictions which will apply from Monday, 14 October 2019 that will impact your property and the way you and your tenants are able to water gardens

- Watering lawns is NOT permitted at all on EXTREME Water Restrictions level.

 - Watering gardens ONLY permitted on Wednesdays and Sundays between 6pm and 9pm; and
- Maximum of 30 minutes using one hand held hose with a trigger nozzle OR one soaker hose OR one miscrospray system OR one other under-mulch irrigation system. Sprinklers of any kind are NOT permitted.

- Not permitted at home
- Washing of windscreens, lights, windows, mirrors and number plates permitted at service stations
- Washing of cars permitted at registered car washes

- Topping up permitted ONLY with Council permit
- No filling of new pools using Bathurst water supply
- Topping up of existing pools will ONLY be allowed with a permit

For more information, please visit Bathurst Regional Council website



Free Workshop - Water Smart Gardening
Variable Dates: 18, 24 October 2019, 10.00pm - 2.00 pm                                                                                                           2, 11, 19 Novemeber 2019, 10.00pm - 2.00 pm                                                                                               7, 11 December 2019, 10.00pm - 2.00 pm

Location: Rahamim Ecology Centre

This FREE Water Smart Gardening workshop is presented by qualified horticulturist and award winning gardener, Dhyan Blore, from Natural Spendour.
Topics covered during this 1.5-2hr interactive workshop designed for home gardeners are:
- Caring for plants in dry times
- Maximising water in gardens and plants
- The importance of mulch
- Features of drought tolerant plants
- Water for backyard birds and wildlife
- Using grey water on gardens

Get tickets here...        


Smart and Sophisticated

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Add a little hotel luxury to your humble abode 

We spend approximately one third of our day in our bedrooms: it is the first space you see in the morning and the last space you see at night. Your bedroom is certainly worth...

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  8 home features Aussie buyers want right now

Thinking of selling your home?Backed up by exclusive data, these are the home features Australian buyers are seeking out right now...

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  5 value-adding outdoor hacks that won't blow your budget

Maintaining the outside of your home is especially important when considering putting your home on the market. It therefore pays to spend your money wisely...

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Office News

With great joy, we are proud to announce that the Bathurst Breast Cancer Creperie Fundraising Event was a tremendous success.
The support from local businesses, including Megan from Dejorja Boutique who styled the café and donated all the cakes and slices, Bernard’s Bakery, 58 George Signs, Blaney Wholesale Foods and Bernardi’s Marketplace made the day possible and showed the spirit of our local community come together. As cancer is so prominent in today’s society, we are all affected with some type of cancer, whether through friends or family. Thus, International Breast Cancer Awareness Month provides the perfect opportunity to give back.
The team at Raine and Horne Bathurst stepped up and everyone pitched in. Chris Hagney flipped crepes, Tara Hill managed the decorations table, while Greg Westman strolled Bathurst’s streets to get feet in the door.
This day could not have been possible without everyone’s help. It was an absolute showcase of the strength of Raine and Horne Bathurst’s culture and strength of the organisation.
Together, we raised over $1200 for Breast Cancer Research, and everyone agreed that the success achieved has set the stage for an annual event.


From the Blog

Positives and Negatives of Gearing

Negatively gearing an investment property is viewed by many Australians as a tax effective way to get ahead. 
According to Treasury, more than 1.9 million people earned rental income in 2012-13 and of those about 1.3 million reported a net rental loss. 

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  Launch of New Property Program 'Your Domain' 

Australia's ongoing obsession with property will have another outlet from next month, when Channel Nine and Domain launch a new TV show dedicated entirely to real estate.
Launching on Saturday September 7 at 10.00am on Channel Nine...

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