Method of Sale

What’s right for one property might not be right for another. That’s why, when it comes to choosing the method of sale we consider the location and unique market conditions to give you the best recommendation possible. We’ll also talk you through the other options available. To get the best results we may recommend that your property is offered to the market by a well-executed private treaty/auction campaign. Here are some options you might like to consider:


There’s a lot to like about auctions. They can generate competitive bidding and a sale price exceeding your reserve. Here are some points to consider:

  • Highest chance of successful sale with 87% of homes selling within the agency period
  • Immediate exchange of contracts. The contract is signed unconditionally and 10% deposit is payable
  • It’s competitive – the pressure is on buyers to make a good pre-auction offer
  • Intensive promotional campaigns attract the maximum number of buyers
  • Shorter selling periods mean auctions can be more convenient with less disruption to family
  • The property cannot be sold below the reserve price without the approval of the vendor
  • No cooling-off period. The contract cannot be rescinded by the purchaser
  • Specified auction date creates a sense of urgency

For Sale

With a For Sale campaign you set your property’s price based on our recommendations. Here are some points to consider:

  • Offers can be considered at your leisure
  • You can determine the pace of the sale process
  • The pace of negotiations can also be controlled
  • Buyers can be attracted by the cooling-off period (which may be available)
  • It can sometimes be a less stressful experience
  • Prospective purchasers not prepared to bid at auction prefer the private treaty sales process

Expression of interest (EOI)

If you sell via EOI, we’ll run a targeted marketing campaign and invite prospective buyers to make offers by a set time. Here are some points worth considering:

  • There’s no publicly listed price
  • Serious buyers may make offers higher than expected and in writing
  • Buyers and sellers can reach an agreement before EOI closes
  • If no acceptable offers are received the property could go back onto the market for private sale
  • All bids are confidential and the seller has control over the process
  • Buyers can make a conditional offer, subject to a building approval certificate or financing

Off Market Sale

Many agents now offer an option to list and promote property using their extensive Data Base made up of qualified buyers and existing clients, people who they know have an interest in property similar to yours, have their finance approved and will take an immediate decision on whether the property is for them.

In recent months this form of marketing is proving extremely popular given the use of Social Media, office web site etc. and lack of stock to attract buyers and save money and time for our clients. Many believe that this form of marketing is for more expensive properties; however, this marketing strategy is being used across many markets.

If you would like to explore this option and would like more particulars then please don’t hesitate to ask.