Don’t discount a winter real estate sale, advises Raine & Horne

Media release - 14 May, 2012

Colder months a great time to sell

With many Australians putting their real estate plans on hold as winter starts to grip, Angus Raine, CEO, of leading real estate group Raine & Horne, argues that the colder months represent a great time to sell a house or apartment.

“Generally, sales volumes are down by as much as 20% in the colder months as a result of fewer homes for sale, however this doesn’t necessarily mean there is a smaller pool of motivated buyers,” says Mr Raine.

“Typically, owners tend to hold out for a spring sale, as the collective wisdom suggests that a home will present better in the warmer months.

“However this isn’t always true, and in many cases the cooler months enable a property to show off its very best features.”

If you’re planning on selling a home between now and September, there are a number of factors to keep in mind.

“For example, selling in winter is viable if your home has plenty of natural light,” advises Mr Raine.

“Likewise, a sun-drenched interior is certain to move your home up the pecking order and may prove a significant tick in the box with many buyers.”

Paul Pettenon, Principal of Raine & Horne Concord, says winter is a smart time to sell a home in Sydney’s Inner West, with north-facing yards and/or deciduous trees.

“A deciduous tree’s canopy works well to shade a yard during spring and summer, but on the flipside, in the colder months, the sunlight streaming through the bare branches can actually brighten and warm the back of the house,” says Mr Pettenon.

In regional centres, there are even suggestions that selling a home in winter can deliver a better price than a spring sale. 

“The problem with selling in spring is that everybody has the same idea,” says Ken Mongan, Principal of Raine & Horne Dubbo.

“Ideally, winter is a better time to sell because you are competing with 15-20% fewer homes on the market.”

To ensure a fast sale regardless of the season, Mr Mongan advises sellers to present their homes in their best light and clear away any clutter.

“It might also help to slap on a coat of paint, with neutral colours such as a white, grey or light brown the best bet.”

On the mid north coast, Christine Clarke, Principal of Raine & Horne Coffs Harbour, also suggests that winter could be the best time to sell a home in her town.

“Winter is actually one of the most pleasant seasons in Coffs Harbour and we are finding that buyer numbers don’t really diminish at all during the more temperate months,” says Ms Clarke.

Ms Clarke also confirms that a proportion of winter buyers originally migrate to Coffs Harbour as tenants.

“Often they arrive on the Coffs Coast in the summer and stay on permanently after their lease expires, a trend which is then reflected by a spike in buying activity in the winter months,” says Ms Clarke.


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