Family affair central to Raine & Horne Bunbury’s sales success

Media release - 8th April, 2015

Raine & Horne Bunbury is building on its imposing reputation in Western Australia’s third largest city thanks to a deliberate recruitment policy to build successful sales teams around water-tight family ties.

Raine & Horne Bunbury has four family-based sales teams, including Susan Pitts, who has been Raine & Horne’s best sales agent in WA for the last nine years, and her daughter Karlene Eccelstone.

The other family sales teams include Rosetta Patane, the sales director and co-principal of Raine & Horne Bunbury, and her daughter Michelle Patane Dillon, as well as Steve Lloyd-Smith and son Daniel. The fourth family unit is Christine Luxford and her son Bradley Linfield

The Raine & Horne Bunbury team at the recent WA State Awards“We have found that employing recruits who have grown up in a real estate family is an excellent strategy for sales success,” said Alec Marra, Co-Principal of Raine & Horne Bunbury.

“It’s a case of the apple not falling far from the tree, and they’ve all served an invaluable sales apprenticeship around the kitchen table talking real estate, even from a young age taking vendor calls and messages at home on behalf of their parents.

“They must still earn their stripes as qualified licensed real estate agents, however their family heritage means they hit the ground faster than their peers, which is great for Raine & Horne Bunbury and ultimately our customers.”

The family recruitment strategies at Raine & Horne Bunbury are also cleverly linked to the 132-year old heritage of Raine & Horne.

“This firm has been owned and operated by the same family since 1883, and I know that current Executive Chairman and CEO Angus Raine often tells stories about how he learnt some of his best real estate lessons following his father Max around to open homes and auctions back in the 1970s,” said Mr Marra.

“The family link has worked well for the Raine & Horne group and we’ve just decided to implement it on a micro level at Raine & Horne Bunbury, and with stellar market results.”

The real estate market in Bunbury has been patchy for a number of years now, according to Mr Marra, although Raine & Horne Bunbury has been able to consistently produce strong results.

“Our sales numbers are up 20% this year despite many of our competitors struggling for business,’ he said.

“There is excellent harmony in our office thanks to our family-based sales teams and this is translating to more appraisals, listings, sales and property managements.”

Despite the patchy nature of the market, Mr Marra is convinced the Greater Bunbury market is set for a stronger 2015, with capital growth of 5% a distinct possibility.

“We are fielding strong buyer enquiries for properties in East and South Bunbury, as well as College Grove, which is my hotspot tip for 2015,” said Mr Marra.

“College Grove is an increasingly popular choice for expanding families as it’s close to the South West Health Campus, Edith Cowan University Bunbury Campus, and South West Institute of Technology.

“The Bussell Highway is also close by, while the recent addition of a new entrance with traffic lights on the dual carriageway Robertson Drive has made it even easier to get in and out of College Grove,” said Mr Marra.

College Grove’s affordability is another attraction for buyers.

“A new four bedroom, two bathroom house in College Grove will sell for about $350,000, however we don’t have enough homes on the market to meet buyer demand.” said Mr Marra.

“This is why we believe it’s a great time to sell a property in College Grove.”

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