Former News Corp real estate sales manager launches new Raine & Horne office

Former News Corp real estate sales manager launches new Raine & Horne office

Brisbane, QLD (7 June 2017) Leading property group Raine & Horne is finishing the 2016/17 financial year on a high, launching a new office in Coorparoo led by Mark Evans, who was recently head of real estate advertising at News Corp.

Raine & Horne Coorparoo, 7 kilometres from the centre of Brisbane, provides sales and property management services to owners in Coorparoo, Camp Hill and surrounding suburbs.

Prior to News Corp, Mr Evans was involved in launching the National Tenancy Database[i], and, while working as Head of Real Estate Products at Veda, a credit reporting agency and data analytics company.

“As the creator and advocate for some of Australia's leading real estate products, Mark's extensive knowledge of real estate and marketing truly sets him and Raine & Horne Coorparoo apart from the rest,” said Mr Raine.

“Mark brings a unique set of marketing skills and knowledge of the real estate market in Queensland, and I’m looking forward to working with him as he expands his new business.

“Raine & Horne Coorparoo will be an excellent addition to our group. It’s the 30th new office we’ve added to our team in Queensland in the past 2 years, which makes us the fastest growing real estate group in this state.”

Mr Evans joined Raine & Horne because it has achieved rapid growth without taking what he calls a “saturation approach to opening and developing new offices.

“In my role at News Corp I did plenty of training with agents from many of the biggest real estate brands. This enabled me to become familiar with their business models, which involved flooding markets with too many offices.

“Raine & Horne has an open business model and they are more concerned with providing quality services to their offices, rather than saturating the market with too many offices that end up competing with each other,” Mr Evans said.

Mr Evans said his approach to marketing and customer service will make a difference to Coorparoo’s owners and buyers.

“I’m from a professional services background, where I am used to working with clients such as the top 4 banks. I believe I can bring my 10 years of marketing experience and real estate knowledge to the sale of properties in Coorparoo, Camp Hill and Holland Park.

“Ultimately my goal is to deliver owners and buyers all the detailed information they need, making the process of a real estate transaction as easy and as understandable as possible,” said Mr Evans.


In his work at Veda, Mr Evans used social economic modelling to help companies understand where to locate new business opportunities and achieve the best return on their marketing investment.


“I used this methodology to decide that the Coorparoo region was a perfect location for a new office. Coorparoo sits within 7 kilometres of Brisbane, is a growth development area and is underserved with other Raine & Horne offices,” said Mr Evans.


“Camp Hill and surrounding suburbs are very desirable as they offer affordability while still being close to the city.”


Mr Evans is currently recruiting sales and property management staff for Raine & Horne Coorparoo.


“Of the approximately 100 real estate agents who operate in this area, I’m looking for those that know how to market property appropriately,” said Mr Evans.


Raine & Horne Coorparoo is at 31 Samuel Street, Camp Hill. For sales and property management services in Coorparoo, Camp Hill and Holland Park, call 07 3154 1000.