Wendy Creighton

My brother Alan had been very ill for some time but refused to go into care.  Julie Humphries made it a little easier for Alan in a number of ways, like dropping in home-made meals and ensuring he was eating, keeping warm and had clean clothes to wear. She even massaged his legs and feet when the pain became unbearable. Julie found out that he loved yogurt iceblocks, so Julie's daughter Alana made a batch and Julie took them to the hospital and watched him make a real mess of himself. He wasn't eating much at the stage but he loved those iceblocks.  After Alan passed away there was no question about who would look after his properties. Julie sold them for a fantastic price (even Alan would have been impressed!) Julie is such a caring and compassionate human being, running a close second is being a first class real estate agent. Wendy Creighton