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Fast track your investment....


Maintaining the value of your property investment involves a generous combination of time, experience & attention to detail. That’s why it’s essential to engage the expertise of a Property Manager like Olivia Calver, who you can engage and communicate with, and who will assist you maximise your investment property. 

Raine & Horne Helensburgh will effectively and efficiently manage costs, maintain the value of your property and minimise risk by selecting the best possible tenant for you.

Our reputation is uncompromised & built on excellent service to both you as the landlord & the tenant.  In all aspects of our daily business, it's imperative that everything we do is client centric. 

Communication is key - we'll be sure to mirror your communication levels be it reports, calls or individual discussions be it routine inspections or market fluctations.   


Are you getting value for money?

As part of maintaining your property to the higest standard and understanding your needs, we conduct quarterly inspections.   Most agencies will usually conduct one or two per year.  We believe in order to deliver optimum results, this is an imperative part of the management process.  You can make an appointment in advance should you wish to accompany us on one of our inspections.

Many agents do not offer this inclusive service, and a cheaper management fee means the less you're going to be looked after.

Similarly, when renting your property, it is essential to select an agency that is well experienced & hands on in all aspects of property management. The difference in the investment return achieved between an agent who is a skilled Property Manager and one that is not, can be substantial.