Preparing Your Property For Rent

Preparing Your Property for Rent

Tenants are just like you; they want a comfortable, clean, functional home. Therefore, how you present your property can slice or stretch your property’s online time and deliver or deprive you of valuable income. Preparation, in our experience, brings the best price. So, when it comes to presenting your rental property, make it shine.

An immaculate property inside and out says a lot about you as an owner and even more about the calibre of tenant you’ll attract. But if you don’t have the time, we have the professionals to help - home stylists to add flair with furniture for visual appeal, cleaners to give your property a good going-over, and trades to handle those niggly fixes.

We have the experience, know-how and connections to make it happen, working with you to make the experience not only rewarding but enjoyable.


  •  Living Areas

• Remove all unnecessary furniture and clutter to create an impression of space 
• Turn on lamps and ensure they are working and replace any faulty light globes throughout the property
• Ensure all curtains or blinds are functioning properly and left open 
• Add fresh flowers 
• Depending on the weather, heat or cool your house to make guests comfortable

  •  Kitchen

• Tidy kitchen and remove all items from the bench tops including appliances 
• Remove all dishes from sink including drying racks 
• Remove all tea towels and fridge magnets
• Add a bowl of fresh fruit to the bench for colour 
• Remove rubbish bin to outside to avoid unpleasant odours
• Remove pet bowls

  •  Bedrooms

• Ensure all beds are made and linen is clean
• Turn on bedside table lamps 
• Clear all items off personal item from bedside tables and tallboy
• Reduce items on dressing tables and drawers 
• Organise cupboards to demonstrate the most efficient use of space. Cupboards should look as though there is room to add more

  • Bathrooms

• Put fresh fluffy matching towels in the bathrooms 
• Scrub and clean shower screens, basins and mirrors 
• Remove all bottles and hanging items from the shower 
• Remove all items except for decorative bottles from the basin 
• Remove waste and linen baskets

  • Garden and Street Frontage

• Mow the lawns & remove any weeds or rubbish from footpath
• Store toys out of sight 
• Arrange for someone to look after your pets
• Keep cars out of sight (garage) 
• Clear cobwebs, get rid of peeling paint and grime 
• Sugar soap or wash the gutters, eaves, fascias, weatherboards and Colorbond roof

  • Other

• Repair any defects such as dripping taps, sticking doors, and loose tiles
• A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference. Stick to neutral colours
• Clutter makes it difficult for tenants to imagine themselves in their new home – so it’s vital surfaces, nooks and crannies are clean
• Keep walls simple and elegant with just a couple of styled prints 
• Adding in greenery or fresh flowers creates a welcoming feel to any room