Ignore the Antarctic chills for property sale this winter


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Sydney, NSW (22 May 2018) Leading property group Raine & Horne is urging property owners considering a sale to take advantage of the winter chills to find a buyer.  

“Property listings tend to fall as the mercury plummets which often makes the winter months a sensible time to sell a property as there is a general reduction in listings,” said Angus Raine, Executive Chairman, Raine & Horne.

“Trying to pick the best time to sell a property is a complicated business, yet winter is often a valuable time to sell in many markets around Australia because you could be competing with 10-20% fewer homes for sale – and even more in some cases,” advised Mr Raine.

“It’s a simple supply and demand equation.”

While some buyers believe selling a house in winter may hinder the way exterior features such as gardens and lawns present to buyers, for apartment owners, the time of the year has a negligible impact on the way this style of property presents, Mr Raine noted.

Winter hibernation not a factor for Toowoomba buyers

Andrew Lynch, Principal of Raine & Horne Toowoomba, in Queensland agreed that winter can be a practical time to list a property for sale.

“Listings are down by as much as 15% in Toowoomba in June and July compared to the warmer months of September and October,” noted Mr Lynch.

“The winter months are excellent for selling because there is traditionally less stock on the market.

“Yet the buyers are still out in the marketplace regardless of the weather, with many driven to secure a new property due to myriad reasons such as a job relocation to Toowoomba, a new mouth to feed or a decision to downsize.

“Life in Toowoomba doesn’t hibernate in winter, and neither do the real estate buyers.”

In July, the weather can be bitterly cold in Toowoomba, noted Mr Lynch, a factor that continues to hinder the real estate plans of some owners

Mr Lynch explains, “In Toowoomba, it can be as much as 15 degrees cooler at night in July than October, and consequently some owners still believe the cold conditions leaves their gardens looking below par.

“The savvy buyers don’t care as every single will property present in the same fashion. If one garden is covered in a frost, so will the shrubbery at the other house for sale down the street. Buyers get a real feel for a property in winter.”

Leafless gardens not a factor in winter markets in Bathurst

Picturesque Bathurst, in Western NSW, is renowned for its famous car race and sometimes freezing winters, according to Michelle Mackay, Co-Principal of Raine & Horne Bathurst.

“On average, listings can be as much as 5-7% lower in winter than in spring in some Bathurst markets,” said Ms Mackay.

“Lower listings mean less competition for those vendors who commit to a sale in winter as opposed to waiting for September or October.”

Moreover, the serious buyers will look beyond the winter blues such as a leafless garden or a frozen pipe, if the property ticks plenty of boxes, explained Ms Mackay.

“For instance, we have many Sydney buyers moving to Bathurst where it is possible to secure a four-bedroom home for under $600,000.

“This level of affordability will often offset any concerns shrewd buyers have about how a property presents in winter.”

Winter attracts the serious buyers to Semaphore real estate

In the Adelaide suburb of Semaphore, Kate Smith, Principal of Raine & Horne Semaphore notes that listings can be as much as 10% fewer in winter than the spring months.

“There’s generally less on the market for sale in Semaphore in winter but still a reasonable stream of buyers,” said Ms Smith.

Moreover, there are usually a higher percentage of serious buyers at open homes in June and July than the warmer months, according to Ms Smith.

She said, “For vendors this means that they can be confident that they are negotiating with genuine buyers rather than tyre-kickers.

“To facilitate a fast winter sale, keep the house warm and welcoming, and if you have a fireplace, be sure to use it.”


Angus Raine’s tips for a winter property sale

If you’re selling a home between now and September, there are some factors to keep in mind.

  • Winter is a better time to sell because you might be competing with 15-20% fewer homes on the market.
  • Selling in winter is viable if your home has plenty of natural light. A sun-drenched interior may prove a significant tick in the box with many buyers during winter.
  • Winter is a smart time to sell a home with a north-facing yard and deciduous trees.
  • A deciduous tree’s canopy works well to shade a yard during spring and summer, and in the colder months, the sunlight streaming through the bare branches brightens and warms the house.
  • To ensure a fast sale regardless of the season, present your home at its best and clear away any clutter.
  • It might also help to slap on a coat of paint, with a neutral colour such as white, grey or light brown the best bet for a winter sale.


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