With DigiKit we're fast and paper-less

We’re increasing our appraisal-to-list ratio with DigiKit, an interactive digital platform allowing our offices to create a stylish, tailored proposal within minutes. This Industry-first tech was developed especially for our network, it helps our agents gain a competitive edge and monitor each appraisals’ success. Whatsmore, DigiKit helps to meet the demands of busy prospective vendors by creating interactive, personalised appraisals effectively across our Sales, Property Management and Commercial networks.

Use Artificial Intelligence with our Amplify

Amplify is our world first artificial intelligence (AI) technology, it attracts more buyers, increases exposure and guarantees better results for listings using predictive analytics.

This exclusive technology has reached more than 32 million Australian eyeballs in 2018, with over 4 million consumers viewing properties marketed within our international Superbrand network.

Through this cutting-edge marketing technology, property ads are placed across social media sites and search engines including Facebook, Instagram and Google, targeting audiences based on their online profile and behaviours. Amplify creates up to 72 different online ads, putting your property ahead of the competition.