Tenant Vacating

Final Inspection Guide

The following information has been prepared to assist you when vacating the property you have been renting through Raine & Horne Kingaroy.

Please note that we cannot inspect the property until you have removed all belongings and have returned the keys. Any keys given to friends or relatives should also be handed back.

We ask that before the Final Inspection you:

  • Ensure that our office has your new forwarding address, phone number & bank account details to assist in the bond refund.
  • You pay your rent until the vacating date in cash, bank cheque or direct deposit.
  • Return all keys to this office including letterbox keys.
  • Arrange disconnection of your telephone, electricity and gas supply.
  • Arrange for carpets to be professionally cleaned & Pest spray for fleas if applicable by a licensed tradesperson.
  • Re-direct all mail to your new address.
  • Ensure that you have provided the office with a copy of the Tax Invoices for Carpet Cleaning, Flea Treatment & Gas Bottles if applicable.

Attendance to the following matters prior to our inspection will save considerable time and prevent unnecessary delays in returning your bond.


The following is a list of names that could assist in you in Carpet Cleaning & Pest Spray:

Freshwater Carpet Cleaning

0438 370 647

Direct Pest Control

4162 5114

Proclean Property Maintenace

0409 619 536

Amalgamated Pest Control

4162 5030

Scrubb a Dubb Cleaners

0413 619 736

AKA Pest Control

04033 854 460

Gavins Carpet Care

0407 637 299




Please note that Rent is due and payable until all keys are returned.

Final Inspection Guide

Subject to the condition of the property at the commencement of your tenancy you should ensure that:

  1. The property is left in a very clean and tidy condition throughout with any stains to be removed from the carpets.
  2. All cupboards, shelves, drawers and benches to be cleaned.
  3. Walls and doors to be cleaned of all marks.
  4. Stove, griller, oven and exhaust fans to be spotless.
  5. Window sills, tracks and ledges to be cleaned inside and outside where possible.
  6. Any furniture, curtains or other items included with the property to be returned to original positions.
  7. Clean venetian blinds and wash curtains.
  8. All garbage, bottles and rubbish to be removed from the premises.
  9. The garage and/or storeroom to be cleaned out, free of cobwebs and grease marks removed from car space/garage.
  10. Bathrooms to be thoroughly cleaned with all mould and soap scum removed from tiles, grouting and shower screen glass. Ceiling mould must also be removed. Vanity to be cleaned out and wiped over.
  11. Toilets to be cleaned inside and out, and the bathroom floors to be mopped.
  12. Lawns and edges trimmed and grass weeded (this applies to townhouses and houses).
  13. Air-conditioner filters to be cleaned and air-conditioners to be wiped over.
  14. All light shades to be cleaned and free of bugs & cobwebs.
  15. If applicable fireplace is to be cleaned out and free of dust.