Pets in Rental Properties


Are you a tenant with a pet in your rental? Or would you like to be?


Are you finding it hard to secure a new rental home with your furry friend?

These are our top tips for renting with pets!

  • BE HONEST – if Fido is part of your family, don’t fib about it. It’s much better to let your Property Manager know Fido is part of the deal, rather than lying and being caught out later on!

     Also – please don’t be too quick to rehome your pet just to find yourself a rental. They are part of your family too, and rely on                   you to keep them safe and fed. You WILL find a rental with your pets, you just might have to broaden your search.


  •  Talk to the Agent or property Owner to see if the property is suitable, or if they will accept pets or not. Some don’t simply because the homes are not suitable, or don’t have enough fencing, etc. Sometimes is literally the logistics of the property preventing it, not a grumpy landlord.


  • Ask your Agent or Landlord permission BEFORE you bring a new furry friend into your family. As above, some properties simply aren’t suitable, or Body Corporate By-Laws may not allow pets. Asking first can help to save heartache all round.


  • If you are hoping to apply for a new home with your pet, get creative, and make them a “Pet Resume”. It just has to be a brief “About Me” document to go with your tenancy application. Include photos and information about your pet/s. Including Breed, Age, Gender, and Favourite activities. Honestly –both Agents AND Landlords love these! They can be such a cute addition to your application!


  • Once you have your pet approved and can enjoy living in a pet-friendly property; be a great tenant! The best help for you in future, is to have positive proven references from having your pet in your home, and being a responsible pet owner.

       So while you’re living in your rental, ensure your pet doesn’t cause any damage to the home, pick up after your pet in the yard                   frequently, and thoroughly clean and deodorize any accidents inside immediately (and try avoid this altogether by not leaving                 pets unattended inside).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

At Raine & Horne Kingborough Rentals  we love to help out families with pets secure their new rental homes. Some of our most stable and long-term tenants have had pets in their homes, and its been a wonderful outcome for all parties involved.

But we also respect the wishes of our Property Owners who choose not to allow pets into their properties; at the end of the day it is the property owners decision.

If you have any further questions about renting with pets, or being a property owner who allows (or doesn’t!) pets in their rental – give us a shout out in the office on 03 6229 6633 or email [email protected]