Presenting Your Property for Rental.


Presenting your property for rental:

There are SO many reasons and benefits to preparing and presenting your property to its best possible standard, ready for rental.

 Ultimately, your presentation will define the standard of tenant you will attract; and securing a great tenant is the most vital part of a successful investment experience!

 We have put together a brief list of suggestions to assist owners in presenting their properties in the best possible light, in order to attract the best possible tenant!


  • Ensure the roof is in good repair. Repair any leaks, and replace any broken tiles as necessary
  • Repair fly screens and clean the windows + tracks professionally both inside and out.
  • Remove any cobwebs or wasp nests that may be on the external of the home.
  • Clean and repair any gutters or downpipes, ensuring they are properly connected and functional
  • Ensure the garden is well presented, pruned and mowed. This will help create appeal and also lets the tenant know that this is the standard required to be maintained
  • Remove any accumulated building materials, kids outside toys, or general household junk that may be in the yard/garage/under the house.
  • Ensure the interior of the property has been thoroughly cleaned, including light fittings, curtains and carpets.
  • Carpets should be professionally cleaned prior to a tenant moving in.
  • Repair minor faults, such as leaking taps, loose handles and doorknobs. Ensure all globes are functional
  • The presentation of the kitchen is critical, so make sure cupboards and drawers open and close easily, whilst ensuring the stove and oven are thoroughly cleaned, and the exhaust fans or other appliances are in good working order
  • Ensure there are clean and adequate window coverings in all rooms. This is also now an official requirement of the Tasmanian Minimum Standards for Renting.
  • Ensure the property is adequately ventilated to reduce condensation and mould concerns. Again, Tasmanian Minimum Standards now require ventilation in all kitchens and wet areas of a home. Locks on bedroom windows can encourage tenants to leave them open slightly, but securely, to ventilate when they are not home.
  • Ensure your property has a working smoke detector that is installed to legislative requirements - Ask us for further information on the Smoke Alarms in Rental Property Legislation
  • Provide adequate and affordable heating for the size of the home. This may mean multiple heaters if needs be. Tasmania can get cold in winter, and cold houses mean condensation on windows, which can lead to mould!


Sometimes we recommend asking a friend (or someone who does not live in your home) to take a walk through while you’re finishing up the presentation. They can provide a 3rd party perspective on how the home is presented, and what may have been overlooked or out of mind when preparing the home for rent.


The best thing to remember when getting your home ready, is to think how you would like it to be returned. Of course it is our job as your Property Manager to ensure there are no damages, the rent is paid, and the tenants do a good job in looking after your home; But ultimately it all comes down to how they find it at the start, as that is the standard to which they must leave it.


If you have any questions, or would like to speak to us some more about the best way to present your home for rent, please do not hesitate to contact us on 6229 6633 or 6231 0000.