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Create A Kitchen To Sell

Your kitchen is the heart of your home - it should be fresh, warm and inviting.


Spacious & Sparkling

Get your entire kitchen spotlessly clean, pay particular attention to food preparation areas; the sink, stove, oven and grill. Mop and vacuum the floor and be sure your oven, drawers and cupboards are flawless. Check that all appliances are working and make sure chrome is sparkling and free from drips. Remove any excess 'stuff' from your kitchen, things like bulky juicers, blenders and benchtop mixers. 


Attract & Display

You want potential buyers to imagine themselves cooking up a storm in your kitchen so start clearing all your cookbooks, utensils and spices up, also, remove any photos, papers and magnets from your fridge.

Keep things fresh and simple by displaying a bowl of fresh fruit - oranges or apples work well, and they give a stylish relaxed and welcoming tone to your kitchen. You should also consider adding a neatly trimmed plant, or vase with single colour flowers.


Reflect & Plan

Expensive kitchen renovations are not necessary; however, things such as new appliances or tabletops can be a major selling point. If you do decide to update your old cooktop, oven or dishwasher, remember that top-end brands will usually resonate more with buyers and this can set a certain tone when it comes to your sale price.



Preparing Your Home for Sale

Home Styling Tips from Raine&Horne Nelson Bay Lemon Tree Passage



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