Small Changes Make A Big Difference

If you're thinking of selling, it helps to spend some time early on to make it shine ready for inspection. When it comes to the final price, spending extra time refining, beautifying, and curating the interior and exterior of your property will be well worth it.


Present & Prepare

When you are preparing your home for sale, you want to present it in the best possible way. During this time, look at your property with fresh eyes and highlight objects or elements within your home that might detract from presenting it at its best.

Your goal should be to make your property look like its worth as much as possible. You can achieve this through simple styling and a clean, fresh approach. Now is the time to showcase your home at its best and leave space for buyers to imagine themselves living in it.


Clear & Declutter

The most important task you can perform is to clear away all clutter, clean all surfaces and ensure all fixtures are operational. It can be difficult removing your beloved personal effects and furniture. However, doing this leaves space for buyers to imagine themselves living where you do, it helps to generate a premium price for your property.

De-clutter your home of any unnecessary nick-nacks, toys, or personal items, your space will appear well cared for and more spacious. Pay attention to the flooring throughout your property, steam clean or replace old carpet and if you have floorboards, taking the time to give them a quick sand and polish. 


Attract & Acheive

Minimalist, chic and serene is what you should be aiming for when selecting colours; go for understated tones of cream and white, you can also use pops of tonal colours to add texture and life to your space.

Remember you are trying to make your home attractive to the prospective purchaser, using light neutral colours throughout and adding in a few luxury items adds tone and style to your space which buyers love.


Smell & Scenery

Adding in greenery or fresh flowers creates a welcoming feel to any room. Placing tasteful and considered arrangements throughout your home is an effective way of enhancing your property and bringing the outside in. Refresh your house and remove any unwanted or strong odours. 

Candles, diffusers or even freshly baked goods are ideal; they also help to create that homely feel. During inspections, if you have pets take them with you as they can deter potential buyers. 



Preparing Your Home for Sale

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