How can I breathe life into my home with Panatone’s favoured tints for 2021?

FEBRUARY 4, 2021

Every December, interior designers and fashionistas the world over eagerly anticipate the announcement by global colour authority Pantone of its annual shade or shades of the year. 

Not since 2014 have we had two winners of the Color of the Year ranking. But for 2021, the colour authority couldn’t split two shades, Ultimate Grey and Illuminating (a bright yellow), as the year’s best hues.

Working the colour juxtaposition 

The union of an enduring neutral colour such as Ultimate Grey with a vibrant yellow represents strength and positivity according to Panatone while also offering a message of resilience and hope after the previous 12 months’ challenges. 

To work Pantone’s yellow and grey association into your decorating plans for 2021, why not consider one of the following ideas.

Test the waters with small hacks

Remember Living Coral or rose quartz anyone? The point is that colour trends come and go, so one of the best ways to incorporate this year’s favoured hues is by acknowledging them with accessories that can be subbed out next December when Panatone crowns the 2022 colour of the year.

In other words, forget expensive lounges and paint jobs for several rooms and grab pillows, rugs, throw blankets, wall art, and other budget-conscious accessories in Pantone’s chosen tones. If the new colours work their magic on you after a period, then consider more substantial doses of grey or yellow for your home.

Use grey and yellow in the kitchen

A timeless neutral, Ultimate Gray will not look out of place when it comes to your kitchen cabinetry. To integrate Illuminating Yellow into your kitchen, try adding some chairs or barstools in sunny yellow or utilise some runners with a bright yellow pattern.

Try the Panatone combo in the bathroom

Ultimate Gray as a bathroom paint colour, on a backsplash, or as wall or floor tile will brighten up your bathroom no end. Back up this burst of contemporary colour with dashes of yellow by dint of bath rugs and towels, hand towels, and countertop accessories. 

Go to bed with Panatone

Grey is an intrinsically calming colour that adds a soothing addition to bedrooms. Apply the soft neutral tone to your walls or bedding to generate a calming backdrop. 

Then mix in a yellow patterned floor rug or mustard throw blanket for a burst of vibrant colour to wake up to every morning. 

If you’d like some more tips that can bring new colour to your home in 2021, call to your local Raine & Horne agent for more tips.