What are some tips for creating the perfect home office or study?

JANUARY 3, 2021

With Santa now well-ensconced at the North Pole, the next focus for many Australian families is the return to work, school, and university. 

As part of the return to normal transmission and in the wake of COVID-19, it now seems very savvy to have a dedicated office or study area that allows working parents and school and university-aged children to be more productive when operating from home.

Back to work and school

When it comes to a home office, the starting point is to work out how many family members will need to use the space and how often. Understandably, more kids mean a bigger dedicated workspace.

That said, shared study space is very achievable. Multiple desks can be manoeuvred to match your space restrictions and to create as comfortable a working environment for everyone as possible.

Refresh office/study space

Wall and ceiling colours can also affect the moods and concentration levels, especially for younger school students. Therefore, considering refreshing the workspace with lighter colours such as greens, yellows, and blues that some designers consider shades that can stimulate productivity.

Declutter and keep things bright and airy 

An absence of clutter in any commercial workspace will facilitate a more productive workflow and a home office is no different. Therefore, consider increasing the functionality of a home study space or office by adding extra storage such as shelving, while a customised bookcase provides plenty of room for stashing your periodicals and the kids’ schoolbooks. Add extra touches such as a tack board for posting memos, calendars, study schedules, and artwork.

While you're at it, some plants, or family photos can create a warmer, more inviting home working space. Just keep the personal touches to a minimum, so the kids aren’t overly distracted.

Just as important as colour is your ability to provide a home office that is light and airy, as it can prevent busy workers and students from nodding off. So, be sure to make use of natural light, complemented by ambient lighting – a smartly located desk lamp can also assist with keeping the home office light and bright.

For more tips for creating the perfect home office space before life returns to normal, contact your local Raine & Horne agent.