How can I trim the costs of heating my home this winter?

July, 2017

Energy costs are soaring this winter, with the electricity companies blaming a range of issues such as rising wholesale, network and retail costs.

Despite the electricity hikes, there are many ways to warm your home without breaking the budget. For starters, it’s worth heeding the advice of one of the energy companies that a heated room should sit between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius – and that every degree programmed into a heater above 21 degrees will add roughly 10% to your energy bill. If the room is 21 degrees, and you’re still chilly, the general consensus is that another jumper or jersey might be a sensible way to save on energy costs.

It’s old-style, but hot water bottles and extra blankets can keep you snug at night – and are easy on the wallet. If you prefer an electric blanket, turn it on for a short time before hitting the sack and then switch it off immediately.

If you have kids — encourage them to do their homework together in the living room rather than their bedrooms – this will trim down the expense of heating extra rooms.

Closing doors to rooms you’re not using and opening curtains during the day to let in the sunlight can reduce energy costs. Just be sure to close the curtains at night, and by sealing any draughts around windows or doors, you can maximise the heat created by an air conditioners or heaters.

Wood is an excellent fuel because it is a renewable resource if sustainably harvested, according to That said, only 10% of homes use wood for heating. Also be careful that the wood is not from unsustainable sources and don’t use treated timbers, which may give off toxic pollutants when burned.

Likewise advises homeowners to burn wood only in an airtight, slow combustion heater. Slow combustion heaters have the highest energy efficiency of wood heaters, and use the least amount of wood and cost the least to run. Careful operation of wood heaters is also critical for limiting air pollution. Use seasoned wood and don’t add large loads of wood just before turning the flue right down.

Ultimately, if you feel you’re paying too much for energy this winter, there’s nothing stopping you from shopping around. To help you find a suitable energy provider, why not contact Raine & Horne Assisttoday on 1800 960 230.