What are some tactics for managing the toy-clutter in my home?

July, 2017

If you have children, the odds are your living areas are breeding grounds for Lego bricks, puzzles, oversized Fnaf Plushies, Nerf Guns, dolls, remote control cars and Pokémon trading cards.

What is more, the clutter of playthings could be a major problem if you’re trying to sell the property. If you’re having regular open homes, constantly tidying the chaos can be tedious. Fortunately, there are actions you can take to manage the mess such as choosing toy-friendly furniture, which can help you reclaim some space and make your home ready for the next open for inspection.

A chest is a practical way for storing away toys. Consider adding dividers to the chest to create separate sections for building blocks, puzzles, teddy bears, trucks and dolls to enable the children to find their toys fast. Another option is to line a wall with bookshelves. Add a few drawers and cupboards to help conceal some of the kid’s knick-knacks. Shelves are also useful for books, board games and puzzles – just be sure to stack board games on their side to make them easier to find for the children.

Another trick is to add some bins that can fit into the shelving. Be sure to label each bin with the category of toy they are storing. This makes playthings easier to find, while the children can take the bins to other parts of a home such as their bedrooms for playtime.

Once there are good toy storage options in place, it’s time to encourage the children to help with regular cleanup times. Creating routines and clear expectations about how children should take care of their toys will help reduce the clutter. It might be that there are some rewards such as pocket money that are align to the children’s responsibilities for keeping their own toys in order.

At the end of the day, keeping the toy jumble under control will not only make life easier, but you’ll be able to make your home ready for prospective buyers. Some buyers might see beyond the clutter. But why give them a reason to put a cross against your home. Besides, once the toys are in order, you can focus on other areas of your home where clutter has taken hold.