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How important is lighting when selling my home?

January 9, 2022

If you're preparing your property for sale before the end of summer and are hoping to maximise the interests of buyers, an often-ignored element of the 'open for inspection' process is lighting.


Badly lit rooms seem cramped and much more undersized than they are, and darkness creates a heavy and impassive ambience during the daytime. Flicking on internal and external lights before aspiring buyers arrive can help illuminate shadowy areas of the property and create a more pleasant and welcoming atmosphere in your home. If there's a tree with branches obscuring the sun's rays, get it pruned.


Also, subtle lighting can highlight your property's essential features, making a strong and lasting first impression with buyers. Try installing dimmers in the living room, kitchen and dining room, a lighting hack that buyers will value. 


Having the ability to brighten or dim the lights enables you to create the atmosphere or mood you want – it's called "mood lighting" for a reason. Alternatively, when cooking up a feast in the kitchen, you might need bright lights when chopping and dicing. Yet softened lighting is preferable when sitting down to eat the said feast. A dimmer switch can be installed anywhere an existing switch is in place, and 'better still, it won't cost you an arm and a leg.


You may consider a small outlay to modernise your light fixtures and cover up any exposed globes, while the installation of a skylight can also bring a whole new look to a hallway, laundry, or bathroom area. In addition, exterior sensor lights are essential for the security-conscious, but at the same time will prove an excellent way to flaunt your outdoor entertainment areas.


When potential buyers view your home, ensure that the lighting accentuates those areas that should be attracting attention. To guarantee your lighting is just right, contact your local Raine & Horne agent, who can advise you on the right lighting hacks for your property that will help you sell your property faster than the speed of light!


However, no matter how much or how little work you decide to do, it is essential to consult a licenced electrician before commencing any lighting or electrical work.