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Is autumn a good time for a property sale?

February 22, 2022

Buying real estate has become a round-the-clock market due to the universality of the internet, which means vendors can achieve good sales results regardless of the season.

 Yet the reality is there will be fewer properties for sale in autumn than in the traditional springtime selling months between September and December when many owners list properties for sale, yet much the same number of buyers.

 If there are fewer properties for sale in March, April and May than Spring and the same number of buyers, it stands to reason that an autumn sale can make plenty of sense.

 Although a bit left-field – no pun intended – one factor that could impact the attendance at your open house is football season. If you hold home viewings during the early part of the footy season in April and May, this could increase buyer turnout. Springtime is usually when the NRL and AFL finals are in full swing, which can dampen attendances at open homes. 

 Also, holidays such as Easter and the political cycle could impact buyer turnout this autumn. That said, we are predicting the Australian real estate market won’t miss a beat as the Federal Election approaches due to policy alignment between the major parties. 

 A more pleasurable experience for buyers

 Across much of Australia, autumn is relatively milder than the stickier spring and summer months – although it will be getting chillier in the southern states.

 Therefore, an autumn open home can present a more pleasurable experience for buyers, who will be more likely to poke around properties with more inviting external spaces for longer than they might at the height of the summer.

 The colourful backdrop provided by autumn leaves may even strike a chord with some buyers looking for the perfect outdoor experience. Tumbling autumn leaves, however, means owners need to be diligent with the rake to ensure the exteriors of their properties present in a clean and tidy fashion. 

 At the same time, make sure your garden is looking its best, with plants that flower in autumn. The right plants will ensure that your garden looks delightful during open inspections. 

 To find out more about selling a property this autumn, contact a local Raine & Horne office today.