What is my property worth?

JUNE 26, 2019

With market pundits predicting improved real estate market  conditions thanks to a combination of lower interest rates and more promising borrowing incentives for first home buyers, owners considering a sale could be in a stronger position than last winter.

If you are considering a winter home sale, the price offered by a buyer based on prevailing market conditions will ultimately determine its value. Typically, a comparison with other homes currently for sale in your street or neighbourhood using websites such as www.rh.com.au can help determine this offer.

Also, it is essential owners understand that a home’s value is not determined by what you originally paid for the property, the amount of cash you need from the sale or the price your former neighbour achieved in 2016.

Still, homeowners are not powerless over the sales process either. For starters, you must do your homework, and with the support of your Raine & Horne agent, establish an asking price aligned with buyer expectations. Likewise, consider taking the time to present the home in its best light, whether this means a dash of paint here or a couple of nails in a loose floorboard there.

You must be prepared to use the latest in digital marketing technology to put your property in front of as many active and passive buyers as possible. To this end, our company can offer you Amplify, the first-to-market technology, using the latest in digital marketing and social media to engage with buyers.

Introduced to our network in our 135th year, Amplify is cutting-edge digital marketing technology. Using the very latest digital programming, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence, this tool places multiple property ads across Facebook, Instagram, and Google. It targets audiences based on their online profile and behaviour, placing properties in front of both active and passive consumers. We have exclusive rights to this technology in Australia that puts us ahead of the curve, and with this, our brand has been exposed over 45 million times, with our vendor’s properties reaching a total of over six million consumers.

No wonder with this level of reach Amplify is helping some of our agents in our capital city markets double the queries they were achieving using the traditional portals and attracting over 50 groups to winter weekend open homes.

A knowledgeable agent is also critical to the success of a property sale. He or she can advise you about local market conditions, pricing, ‘staging’ recommendations, contracting, financing and of course, marketing. However, most importantly, your agent can close the sale of your property for you.

Finally, you deserve an agent with a proven track record, and with over 136 years selling Australian homes, our agents deliver real estate expertise in spades. To find one of our agents in your local area, visit www.rh.com.au and invite them to provide you with an obligation-free appraisal of your home to get the ball rolling on your winter sale.