When is it a good time to sell a family home?

JANUARY 15, 2019

Lifestyle changes will often drive an owner’s resolution to sell a property. Whether it’s for a job relocation, to meet the needs of a growing family or to downsize into a smaller property, working out when to time your sale can be a significant task – especially for first-time sellers.

Regardless of whether its summer, autumn, winter or spring, a selling decision is often driven by forces outside your control. Furthermore, the choice to sell may not coincide with perfect market conditions. But don’t allow your fears about the state of the market to affect your plans.

Often people will put their plans on hold hoping for perfect market conditions. But when you’re selling and buying at the same time, the state of the market will make little or no difference to the result. If you’re selling for less, there’s a good chance you’ll also be able to buy for less. If you wait for the market to improve before you sell a home in the hope of a stronger price, you’ll end up paying more when you buy the next property.

Therefore the best strategy is to make a move now and get on with your life in your new home. You can start the process today, by calling a Raine & Horne agent for an obligation free appraisal.

As part of the selling process, also be sure to consider your own personal objectives, your ability to finance a new property and to meet the ongoing repayments – your lender or mortgage broker can help here.