Why is quality photography an essential factor in the successful marketing of a home?

FEBRUARY 19, 2019

Why is excellent photography an essential ingredient in the successful marketing of a home?

When it comes to marketing a property this autumn, its ‘pix appeal’ is a fundamental element in enticing prospective buyers. 

Many buyers will judge a home within seconds of looking at the photos online (or on Facebook for that matter) – and if they are not enthused, they’ll quickly shift their focus to the next property.

Often the best way to get the property snaps just right is by commissioning a specialist photographer – you might expect to pay a few hundred dollars for a handful of snaps. However, if you decide to take on the photography yourself, be sure the home is shot with plenty of natural light for day time images. If you wish to include some after-dark shots in your marketing, these can look spectacular with the help of your interior lights. 

Like your best vacation snaps, be sure to frame your photos carefully – potential buyers don't want to look at dirty dishes, drying laundry or piles of rubbish. Also, remove any unnecessary internal clutter, and keep evidence of your pet pooch or moggie or noticeable carpet stains well out of the frame.

If you own a house, focus your camera on distinctive features such as ensuites, fireplaces, walk-in wardrobes, cellars, balconies, and spiral staircases. For apartments, include photographs of unique amenities such as a pool or gym. Whether it’s a house or apartment, always try and offer some interior shots – it can be a turn-off to buyers if they can’t get a sense of your property's interior!

Apart from presenting your property in its best light, excellent photography is an essential part of the selling process. Since most buyers are searching on the internet or via social media platforms such as Facebook, having enticing property snaps and videos is critical to generating interest in your house or apartment.

If getting the photography right sounds more complicated than you anticipated, talk to your Raine & Horne agent about organising a professional photographer who can put your home up in lights. It could be the best investment you ever