Allam Homes appoints Raine & Horne to Amplify their marketing efforts into India

APRIL 30, 2019

Australian developer Allam Property Group is adopting Raine & Horne’s global-first digital marketing platform, Amplify to market several developments in Sydney to millions of buyers and investors living in the high-tech hub of Bangalore in southern India.

The global network’s team in India will market properties in three developments, Ardennes at Edmondson Park, Hillview Rise in North Kellyville and Marsden Park’s Fernlea. The three to five-bedroom properties range in price from AU$749,000 - AU$1.2 million and are in various stages of development.

“We have homes that are ready to move into now, will be completed in 3-6 months or are off-the-plan,” says Paul Sant, General Manager, Allam Property Group.

The marketing of properties in the three western Sydney suburbs to a massive overseas market using social media is a first for the Allam Property Group. Mr Sant explains, “We've never done anything like this before, so it's unique and exciting to market our homes to overseas buyers.”

Amplify uses some of the most advanced algorithms in the world. The digital marketing tool also combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to target properties relevant to buyers and investors through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, as well as Google.

“We rarely market our properties outside the Sydney basin. So, using social media to market to India is something totally different for us, and we expect some good results from Amplify.”

Mr Sant adds, “The Amplify dashboard and the results are impressive, from the click-through rates compared to other platforms we use.” Amplify achieves average click-through rates of 12% and average reading times of 2.16 minutes per online property advertisement. These results compare favourably with the average industry click-through rate of 0.98% and closely mirror successful results from overseas.

“Using social media is not the standard way of promoting property developments overseas, notes Mr Sant. “Overseas marketing has traditionally been conducted by locally-based spruikers who might have a slightly different agenda to a developer.”

The rapidly growing middle class in the Bangalore region appeals to Allam Homes. “Bengaluru is the Silicon Valley of India, and it is where the more affluent people in the I.T. industry live,” Mr Sant says.

“Given Raine & Horne has a significant sales operation in Bangalore, there's an opportunity with Amplify to try a different way of marketing our projects to early IT adopters in India, Indians living around the world, or even those from the region now living in Australia or who have offspring studying in Australia.

The minimal costs of conducting a social media marketing campaign through Amplify compared with employing marketing and sales specialists in India is another attraction to Mr Sant. “The cost of running a digital marketing program like this is insignificant, and the structure allows us to tap into Raine & Horne’s overseas networks.

“And the cost structure to us is a lot less than going to these countries ourselves. It helps that we are working with an established network that is already on the ground in India.”

Allam Property Group has at any one time probably three hundred properties on the market in Sydney. Mr Sant adds, “Once a potential buyer speaks to the local Raine & Horne agent, we can talk more about the range of properties we have available.”

Amit Porwal, Chief Executive Officer, Raine & Horne India believes buying property in Australia is becoming increasingly attractive to the burgeoning middle class in India. “Australia is a far better market opportunity for Indians than say the US, UK or Canada.

“Culturally we have connections through more of our children studying in Australia many of who choose to settle there as they establish their careers, and we both share the same national sporting passion for cricket.

“If somebody's looking for a lifestyle property and in a country that is rapidly growing and is far better culturally connected to India, then it’s hard to beat Australia.

“Likewise, where Indian investors have generally looked to Singapore, London and New York for real estate, Sydney is fast gaining traction as a popular property investment destination.”

“Amplify is a real first for India, and we’re confident that given our massive population, it will be a game changer for real estate marketing in this country and enable Raine & Horne to leapfrog the overcrowded property portals.”