Australian real estate up almost 44% over the last decade


Recent research once again reminds owner-occupiers and investors of the value of owning a quality, well-located property for the long-term.

Over the past decade research from found that national dwelling values increased by a cumulative 43.9% with the combined capital cities recording an increase of 52.6% and the combined regional markets recording growth of 16.6%.

Houses values increased by 46.9% nationally over the decade to 30 June with combined capital city values growing at 56.2% compared to 20.0% for combined regional markets, according to

The region to record the most significant jump in house values since June 2008 was the South West region of Sydney where values increased 112.9% over the period.  An additional five regions saw house values double over the past decade, including Parramatta in Sydney (107.4%), Inner South West of Sydney (106.6%), Outer South West of Sydney (103.3%), South East of Melbourne (102.7%) and the West region of Melbourne (102.3%).