Raine & Horne Mollymook/Milton hits Number 1 for online search rankings

OCTOBER 17, 2018

Raine & Horne Mollymook/Milton is now ranked Number 1 for property searches in Ulladulla, after launching Australia’s most advanced property technology Amplify in April.

The leading South Coast property firm has jumped seven ranking notches since adopting Amplify that reaches more buyers by identifying their online behaviour and profile.

“For keyword searches relating to Ulladulla real estate, for example, we’ve leaped from eighth place to the number 1 ranking thanks to Amplify as well as our content quality control processes,” said Ben Pryde, Co-Principal, Raine & Horne Mollymook Milton.

“Amplify combines artificial intelligence (AI) with social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Google Ad Network and LinkedIn to give property listings and managements seven times more exposure to buyers and tenants.

“As a consequence, some of the properties we have marketed primarily using Amplify have had tremendous results.” This includes historic Sungrove farm at 25 Sungrove Lane Milton.

An exquisite 32-acre property, Sungrove Farm boasts a modern Colonial style five-bedroom homestead as well as the original farm cottage built in the 1860s.

Moreover, thanks to Amplify, Sungrove Farm is proving to be a digital media hit with a 21% click-through rate to our website. The industry average for click-throughs is 1%, noted Mr Pryde.

Quality content a cornerstone of Amplify’s success

Amplify’s success owes to its capability to create and stream up to 72 different ads for local property listings across multiple online sites, using uploaded images and professionally written advertising copy.

Mr Pryde noted, "Amplify sends buyers a variation of the advertisement aligned with the features they look for in a property, whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, a swimming pool in the backyard or proximity to a school or hospital.”

Creating a broad variety of targeted and quality content is a game changer for real estate social media marketing, according to Mr Pryde.

“For the past couple of years, we have employed Katrina Condie, a former managing editor of the Ulladulla Times as our Marketing and Customer Relations Manager, as well as Amy Pollard as a marketing specialist for Ulladulla who oversees our Amplify marketing.

“We’ve had such strong results when we use Amplify because we are particular about the headlines, posts, and catchphrases we use to promote our properties through Amplify, and this is where Katrina, who is a very experienced wordsmith is so helpful. We make sure we always have the suburb in any headlines we use.

“Katrina also writes the opening paragraphs to our property editorials like a punchy standfirst in a magazine or newspaper article. We’ve found that appealing words such as ‘lake,’ ‘beach’ and ‘views’ are attracting more eyeballs to our properties and website.”

A picture can tell a thousand words

Quality photography is also helping improve Raine & Horne Mollymook/Milton’s search status.

“If a photo doesn’t have the wow factor, we won’t use it as part of our social posts,” said Mr Pryde, who has about 1400 followers on Instagram and almost 750 followers on Facebook.

“We’ve found that four photos per social media post is about right and will have the most impact. Too many images and words can overcook a social media post.

“Younger buyers respond to video, and we create fun, catchy videos also to support the social media strategies we put in place to promote our listings.”

Since introducing Amplify in early 2018, the Raine & Horne group has experienced a significant increase in website visitors, sessions and time spent on rh.com.au, attracting more than half a million users over the course of a month, a rise of 132.58% year on year.

“We’re also seeing a large increase in the number of sessions, up 176.60% year on year. With a total of 885,817 sessions over the target period, we can prove that most users are returning to the site repeatedly, building brand loyalty and increasing awareness of the Raine & Horne offering,” said Angus Raine, Executive Chairman, Raine & Horne.

“As a consequence, our office websites across Australia are recording a steady and ongoing improvement in their online search rankings, with 25% of our offices achieving and maintaining this Number 1 ranking week to week, and month to month.”

To find out more about how Amplify can help sell a property in Ulladulla, Mollymook or Milton this spring, call Raine & Horne Mollymook/Milton on 02 4454 1900 and Raine & Horne Ulladulla on 02 4455 3800.