Renters urged to act fast to find dream summer home

NOVEMBER 20, 2019

With summer less than three weeks away, tenants across Australia are urged to move now to ensure they find their dream home for the start of the holiday season. 

“Coastal and waterfront suburbs in the major capital cities tend to attract many overseas visitors in the summer months, and the recent arrivals drive up demand for rental properties whether it’s famous Manly Beach in Sydney or Murrylands, South Australia’s Murray River tourism wonderland,” said Angus Raine.

“In some coastal suburbs around Australia, rental activity can be as much as 15-20% higher than the colder months of the year as locals and new arrivals jockey for a dream home as close to a waterway as possible.”

Rental demand in Manly 20% stronger in summer than winter 

Demand for rental properties in Sydney’s famous Manly Beach is historically 20% stronger in the summer months than the mid-year, according to Marlena Sait, Co-Principal of Raine & Horne Manly. 

“The days on the market for rentals is also significantly shorter, which means most tenants have a shorter window to find a dream summer rental in Manly,” Ms Sait said. 

“The main driver for renters is proximity to the beach, and they are more motivated to be close to the water when the weather is nicer.

“Plenty of tourists on short-term visas also try and time their stay with the warmer months, and they increase the demand pool.”

Two-bedroom apartments that rent for $750 -$950 in Manly are the most popular properties for summertime tenants according to Ms Sait.

Beating the holiday deadline drives rental demand in Adelaide 

In Murraylands, the tenant market picks up speed in the warmer months, according to Bridie Longbottom, Residential Property Manager, Raine & Horne Murray Bridge. 

“It gets busier because with Christmas coming up, people usually have holidays organised, so they want to move into a home and have everything sorted out before they take a vacation,” Ms Longbottom explained. 

In Murraylands, three-bedroom and one-bathroom properties are the most popular rental properties. “However, we have had a few people enquiring about four bedrooms and two bathrooms homes in the last month or so. Also, housing with shedding seems to go quickly because it is rare for rental homes to have.”

Tenants can expect to pay $230-300 for a three-bedroom home in Murraylands, with the weekly rent depending on a property’s features such as land size, available shedding, living areas and entertaining areas. 

Tips for securing a dream summer rental

Ms Sait said being organised and having a tenancy application ready to go will give prospective tenants the jump on the competition.

“In the slower months, people can take three days to submit an application and still be in the running for a rental,” said Ms Sait. “Tenants need to be faster in the summer months, while those who fail to complete their applications will find themselves at the bottom of the list.

“Be sure to include your rental references and provide your ID as part of the paperwork to make it easier for a leasing agent to process the applications.”

Ms Sait also urges tenants to flag their interest in a property with a leasing agent. “By highlighting your interest, we will be sure to look out for a prospective tenant’s application, and this ensures we are working with the right tenants.

Also, potential tenants should try on time for inspections urges Ms Sait. “We can’t extend opens because we have other inspections to attend.”