Rockingham real estate firm supports local business through foreshore revitalisation

JULY 30, 2019

The Rockingham Beach Foreshore is aiming to bring the region’s fantastic natural assets of Churchill Park, Bell Park, and Rockingham Beach together with the local businesses. The goal is to create a vibrant, dynamic, and fun place for all people in the City of Rockingham and beyond.

“While I support the revitalisation in principle, there has been little government support for affected businesses,” said Paul Curran, Director, Raine & Horne Rockingham Beach.

“The council has had to dig up roads making it difficult for tourists and visitors to utilise the Rockingham Beach Foreshore precinct.

“Not surprisingly, the 30 odd businesses operating from the foreshore precinct have been forced to wear a significant financial knock. There has been no compensation, and some of the businesses have taken as much as a 70% hit to trading revenues.”

Adopting digital marketing to support local business

Mr Curran, who has operated his office from the foreshore since 1989, recognised that many of his fellow small business owners were hurting, and he decided to act.

This support included launching a website with the help of a digital marketing agency M4Media and supporting social media pages at where the local owners could list and profile their businesses, products, and services.

To date, most of the retailers have paid the minimal fee of $25 to have their businesses photographed and the images posted on the website and Facebook page, along with some content about their operation.

“We knocked up the website in 72 hours and linked it to the Facebook page. Once we started to get some content and images from the local businesses, the campaign started attracting the attention of the Rockingham community,” Mr Curran said.

Community feedback and corporate social responsibility

Michelle Vegan, The Future Vegan, posted on the Facebook page, “Awesome page for the tourists and Rockingham locals also, to keep up to date with the latest progress on the refurbishment of our stunning, Rockingham Foreshore! Showcasing local talent, events, and dining in the precinct, so much great information in one place! This page is excellent can’t wait to see more! Well done!”

Mr Curran even commissioned a Rockingham local, Rhiannon Lloyd who is just breaking into photography to snap the images. He continued, “Our goal was to tell the local community that businesses such as Eight on the Beach, Central Block Coffee Shop, The Gourmet Butcher and Sweet Memories Candy Emporium are still trading as usual.

“I’m pleased to say our digital marketing campaign has been helpful, and business is picking up for all tenants despite the capital works chaos.”

The leading real estate principal said he decided to lend a hand given the support extended to him by the Rockingham community since he opened his doors over 20 years ago.

“At the end of the day, my motivation is quite simple. I have been here for a long time. Rockingham has been very good to me. I happened to know a few people who could help with the website, Facebook page, and the photography and who were happy to pitch in.

“Because we didn’t seek any government support, we were able to launch the campaign quickly and make a difference rapidly.

“We’ve tweaked the website, and added a business directory, but all the local businesses have benefited and for the cost of $25 only.”

To find out more about the retail services available at the or call Raine & Horne Rockingham Beach on (08) 9550 9900.