Superbrand announces new principals for Raine & Horne Dee Why/Collaroy

AUGUST 26, 2019

Leading Northern Beaches property specialists Aaron and Skye Raco are the new principals of Raine & Horne’s flagship office in Dee Why/Collaroy.

Operating from Raine & Horne Dee Why/Collaroy’s long-standing nerve centre in the iconic Weight House building on Pittwater Road, Dee Why, Mr Raco is excited by the opportunity to translate his 15 years’ experience as a leading sales agent into business ownership.

“I started in the industry in 2004 and have a great knowledge of selling residential homes and established apartments, as well as project marketing and development sales,” Mr Raco says.

“Project marketing represents around 50% of my sales, and we have plenty of of-the-plan opportunities in the wings for owner-occupiers and investors in Dee Why and surrounding suburbs.”

APRA lending changes fuelling demand for Northern Beaches property

The timing for the next phase in the history Raine & Horne Dee Why/Collaroy couldn’t ‘t be better with demand mounting for affordable 3- bedroom houses in Dee Why, Collaroy, and surrounding suburbs priced $1.2 million - $1.3 million.

“Since the election and the APRA lending changes, we’ve seen a surge in groups at open homes of between 30-40%, as well as a 20% increase in the number of genuine buyer offers for properties,” Mr Raco said.

“Moreover, where buyers were making offers on several properties hoping for a bargain, they are now zeroing in on single properties and making stronger offers to ensure they get the homes they want. This is due to a tightening of listings and fewer days on the market for many properties.

“We expect the trend for more genuine buyer offers to continue as the weather starts to warm up, so we expect robust spring and summer markets.”

Familiarity with the Raine & Horne brand is a major attraction

Mr and Mrs Raco have been working together at another network, as well as previously with Raine & Horne, and when opportunity presented, the dynamic duo jumped at it.

“Our familiarity with the Raine & Horne brand and members of its executive team such as Angus Raine, it’s traditions and commitment to technology, made starting a business with them the logical step,” said Mr Raco.

“It’s pleasing that a member of the Raine family still leads the firm and that Angus is working in the business and growing it daily.

“Being a family business ourselves and aligning with one of Australia’s best-known family outfits also has significant appeal. It’s just a good fit for us.”

Global reach and networking opportunities

Raine & Horne’s significant brand recognition in Dee Why, Collaroy, and Sydney’s Northern Beaches, along with the firm’s massive investment in technology were other factors in attracting Mr and Mrs Raco to take over one of the Superbrand’s most prominent offices.

“The firm’s marketing leading digital marketing and appraisal technologies are fantastic as is Raine & Horne’s expansive global network of buyers that enable us to sell a property in Dee Why to a buyer in Delhi.”

The significant networking opportunities offered by Raine & Horne also appeal to Mr Raco, who is very enthusiastic about next year’s Raine & Horne’s International Conference in Bali, Indonesia.

“I’ve never been to Bali, and this level of networking is what a network of Raine & Horne’s size can provide to its principals and their staff.”