Technology innovation and family ties attracts Sans Souci independent to Raine & Horne

NOVEMBER 4, 2020

The siblings, who launched their independent firm Johnson Property Agents in San Souci in September 2015 have joined Raine & Horne because of the Superbrand’s massive investment in ground-breaking social media marketing technology such as Amplify and its innovative digital listing platform Digikit. 

The alignment with the Superbrand also enables Mr and Ms Johnson to link with their relatives, GeorgeAnthony and James Bouteris from Raine & Horne Commercial Sutherland Shire.  

Competitive and technological edge

Mr Johnson, who started his successful property sales career in 2009, said joining Raine & Horne is a straightforward decision. 

“As an independent, you are often beaten to the punch for listings by the more prominent brands regardless of your expertise or reputation.” Johnson Property Agents was named Best Real Estate Agency in the St George Business Awards in 2018 and 2020.

“Therefore, linking with Raine & Horne gives us the best chance of being competitive through access to its outstanding Corporate support and cutting-edge technologies that are simply impossible to develop as an independent,” Mr Johnson said.

“No longer will we be chasing the pack. We’re now with a brand that is leading the way with its marketing and sales technology.”

He continued, “Products such as Amplify that uses social media to reach active and passive buyers is incredible. There’s no way we’d be able to build and finance technology of this calibre as an independent. 

“Amplify was a driving factor in us joining the brand as it could help us promote our properties and ourselves like no other marketing tool.”

Family affair

The prospect of linking with his family members is an opportunity Mr Johnson said he and his sister couldn’t ignore.

“We had a chat with Anthony Bouteris who confirmed Raine & Horne is a great brand to be associated with and that we wouldn’t regret it.” 

Mr Bouteris said he is thrilled by the prospect of his cousins joining him under the Raine & Horne banner. 

“Currently we share a mutual landlord where I manage the commercial properties and Elizabeth looks after the residential investments. That landlord knows we’re cousins and loves that we have this relationship,” said Mr Bouteris. 

“Liz and James have grown up around real estate because their family has been involved in property development, while Liz is probably one of the best property managers that I know.

“Her strengths are her great eye for detail, while she is a strong personality who can represent fairly the interest of her landlords and tenants.” 

Mr Bouteris added, “James has incredible passion, energy and confidence and is very willing to embrace the latest technology, and he can connect with anybody.

“The three of us will be celebrating their decision to come on board with Raine & Horne.”

Ms Johnson said, “We are also excited about collaborating with our Raine & Horne colleagues in nearby Kogarah, Bexley, Bardwell Park and South Hurstville but also working with the broader national network for the benefit of our vendors.

“Already we have referred one of our landlords, who owns a property in Lake Macquarie to our colleagues at Raine & Horne New Lambton/Mayfield/ Wallsend. 

“They were thrilled with the referral and gave us great feedback about the opportunities available to us by aligning with Raine & Horne. The principals Colin Bice and Craig Fenning were just generally pumped for us.”

The Sans Souci market is set for strong 2021 market

Looking ahead to the end of the year and into 2021, Mr Johnson believes better times lie in store for property markets in the San Souci region after a challenging year. 

“People have learned to live with what’s going on around the world, and the local market has already turned the corner,” he said.

“Whatever is listing is selling fast and usually above the expectations of vendors and we expect this situation to continue into the New Year.”

The strongest markets in the Sans Souci region are villas priced between $800,000- $1.1 million, while houses valued from $1.3 - $1.8 million are also moving rapidly. 

Mr Johnson said, “The market for properties priced above $2 million is steadier, while the entry-level apartment market from $600,000 - $850,000 is a little slower than usual. 

“Villas offer a bit more space and some outdoor living options, which are factors that have become increasingly more important for homeowners in the wake of COVID lockdowns.”

For all your real estate sales and property management needs in San Souci and surrounding suburbs, contact Raine & Horne Sans Souci on (02) 9188 4422.