Women dominate the home-buying process

AUGUST 9, 2019

The latest research from global real estate leader Raine & Horne shows that property ads generated by digital marketing tool Amplify[i] are overwhelmingly catching the eye of Australian women (72%) compared to men (28%)[ii].

Exclusive to Raine & Horne in Australia, Amplify is an innovative technology that uses the latest digital programming, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence to target property ads across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google to ensure a strong match of properties with buyers.

Since launching in April 2018, Amplify has exposed the Raine & Horne brand over 55 million times, allowing properties listed with Raine & Horne to reach over nine million home buyers.

72% of click-throughs made by women

Raine & Horne does not program Amplify advertisements by gender, but by real estate preference, for example, whether a buyer is interested in three-bedroom house in a Sydney suburb or an inner-city apartment in Darwin.

Despite gender neutrality, homes advertised through Amplify have overwhelmingly been viewed by women – with 71% of click-throughs being by women compared to 27% who are men.

Anjee Hopton, National Marketing Manager, Raine & Horne Group, says, “Research shows that women across all ages spend more time on social media than men[iii]. However, our findings confirm that when it comes to property listings, the gender differences extend well beyond this norm.”

“Over seven out of ten Amplify ads are viewed by women compared to 27% by men, highlighting the important role women play in the Australian property market,” says Ms Hopton.

“Women have long been recognised as the key decision maker when it comes to selecting a home. But Raine & Horne’s Amplify results demonstrate the growing number of women purchasing property as a solo buyer, with 28% of women aged 35-54 clicking on Amplify ads compared to 13% of men,” added Ms Hopton.

Women aged 55-plus dominate click-throughs

Raine & Horne’s data shows that women aged 55-64 account for almost one in five (17%) views of property ads on social media.

“This is a really exciting finding as it dispels the myth that when women reach their mid-50s they are no longer active in the property market,” says Ms Hopton

“Anecdotal evidence from Raine & Horne’s network of 3000 agents shows that women aged 55-plus are often empty-nesters looking to downsize, or they are buying a home of their own following separation and divorce. A third category of women in the 55-plus age group are not buying themselves, rather they are researching properties that could be ideal first homes for their adult children.”

Ms Hopton concluded, “What these findings highlight is that females cannot be underestimated when it comes to selling property. Women of all ages continue to be a driving force in the market, and property listings need to be appropriately pitched towards modern Australia.”

To find out more about how to include Amplify in your property sale this winter, contact your local Raine & Horne agent

[i] https://www.raineandhorne.com.au/amplify

[ii] Gender was not identified in 2% of respondents

[iii] http://www.roymorgan.com/findings/7584-social-media-minutes-by-gender-age-march-2018-201805110812