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Youngest Raine & Horne principal launches office in Innisfail

May 18, 2020

Chloe Collins is a sales whiz and social media advocate who cut her teeth in the retail and rural industry. At 23 years old, she today becomes the youngest principal in the global Raine & Horne network. 

Growing up around the Innisfail region and then working in sales in the rural and retail industries, Ms Collins, who is the owner of the brand new Raine & Horne Innisfail office, has extensive knowledge of the Atherton Tablelands and Cassowary Coast. 

“As the youngest principal in the Raine & Horne group, Chloe is highly motivated and extremely driven to provide the best service in her region,” said Angus Raine, Executive Chairman, Raine & Horne. 

“Chloe also represents the next generation of principals who are joining our firm because they recognise, we are pioneering a new way forward for real estate.”

Raine & Horne’s technology focus will give tech-savvy principal a sales edge

In the last 18 months, Raine & Horne has rolled out its CRM system, Compass Plus, to all its offices around the country, as well as DigiKit, a first-to-market web-based interactive appraisal platform for both sales and property management.

However, it is the firm’s artificial intelligence platform, Amplify, developed by Danish firm CCT Marketing, that is attracting younger principals such as Ms Collins. Raine & Horne has marketed 14,500 properties through this platform due to its ability to target buyers based on their online behaviour and sending them appropriate properties through social media platforms such as Facebook and Google AdWords. 

Amplify is so well targeted that listings are getting as much as 17 times more exposure in front of prospective buyers and tenants and is achieving average clickthrough rates that are 12 times the industry average clickthrough rates. The average reading time is 2.5 minutes per listing, against an industry average of less than a minute.

“The firm’s focus on social media marketing appeals to me greatly. I have grown up in the social media era where technology is a big focus. Not a lot of agents in this region are embracing or implementing digital marketing techniques,” said Ms Collins. 

“The fact that Raine & Horne heavily backs social media marketing is a big tick for me, whereas other real estate brands in this region don’t have this focus.” 

A keen property market investor since her teenage years, Ms Collins continues, “My family has been in real estate previously, and people encouraged me to give my own office a go.” Already the new Innisfail principal’s real estate career has included sales stints in Cairns and Atherton. 

“We will start with Innisfail because the town is underserviced, and we have plans to launch in Atherton in the third quarter of 2020. In the meantime, we will continue to service the Tablelands, which I know inside and out.”

On becoming a small business owner, Ms Collins said she is excited about the autonomy it offers with the backing of a major brand such as Raine & Horne. “It could be daunting launching a new office. But this pressure is removed by going into business with a Raine & Horne that has a terrific brand reputation developed over 137 years.”

Ms Collins’ passion for real estate and desire to be successful in the industry, also encourage her decision to open a business. However, she understood the importance of a strong brand name, with the right attributes at its core, that not only she can trust but that her clients can trust too.

“The Raine & Horne Group proved to be the strong brand name I was looking for. Raine & Horne is always continuing to provide ‘positive partnerships’ between vendors, buyers and agents, as well as investors, tenants and property managers.”

Diversified economy makes Innisfail a great place to set up shop

With an average house price of $180,000, Ms Collins says Innisfail is an attractive market for investors and first home buyers. “We are definitely in a buyers’ market on the Tablelands and the Cassowary Coast because of our wonderful climate, location and diversified economy,” she said. 

Agriculture is the primary economic driver with well-established banana, sugar cane and tropical fruit industries such as avocadoes, according to Ms Collins. Nearby Mourilyan Harbour is a major regional port with bulk sugar-loading facilities, and the South Johnstone Sugar Mill is a significant local employer.

“Our region is a true food bowl economy while tourism is a growth industry as we have access to two World Heritage Areas - the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and the Wet Tropics rainforest.,” Ms Collins explained.

“The town is a major service hub for the Cassowary Coast region and has a wide range of shops including national retail outlets, along with government services and regional health and educational facilities, which underpin jobs in this region. 

“We have a population of 10,000 and growing thanks to our economy which makes Innisfail a great place to launch a real estate office.”

For all your sales and property management needs in Innisfail, The Cassowary Coast, Atherton and the Tablelands Region, contact Raine & Horne Innisfail on 0428824012 or visit the office at Shop 5 180 Edith Street, Innisfail.