Helpful Hints When Vacating

When it becomes time to move, vacating your property can be stressful!

Below are some helpful hints for you, to ensure no extra cleaning or work will need to be done once you've moved out.

Please pay particular attention to the following when cleaning the premises, otherwise you may have to return to the premises to carry out additional cleaning or pay for a professional cleaning contractor to carry out the work. It is advised that when cleaning the premises you consult your Residential Inspection Report for any of the below mentioned and their condition when you first occupied the premises.

   - Oven including grill, drip trays, oven trays, stove top, hot plates, hot plate trays, oven controls and oven door

   - Exhaust fans and rangehoods should be wiped over, with covers and filters taken down and washed.

   - Venetian, Vertical and Holland blinds should be wiped down, dusted or vacuumed.

   - Windows, frames and screens including window tracks to be cleaned both internally and externally.

   - All cupboards including doors, shelving and mirrors are to be cleaned both internally and externally. 

   - Dishwasher where applicable to be cleaned internally and externally including racks, cutlery holder and filters.

   - Marks to be spot cleaned from walls, including grubby hand marks and cobwebs

   - Any repairs & repainting undertaken where necessary by qualified trades people.

   - All light fittings to be cleaned, all lights to have light bulbs in working order.

   - All floors and skirting boards to be swept, wiped down and washed.

   - Curtains and drapes to be washed or dry cleaned according to fabric and as per any written instructions.

   - Tops of doors, door frames, picture rails should be wiped down

   - Cobwebs are to be removed from light fittings, cupboards, ceilings, cornices and externally from under the eaves and around the windows, doors, garage doors and garden sheds.

   - Tiles and shower screens should be free from soap residue. Any mildew should be removed from walls, ceiling, shower screens, frames, tiles, cabinets etc.

   - Wood heaters and fireplaces where applicable should be cleaned internally and externally and left free from ash.

   - Electric heaters should be vacuumed around the air inlet and outlet vents and the frames and casing wiped.

   - Walls, power points, light switches, door handles and doors should be wiped down for finger marks and scuffing.

   - Carpets should be thoroughly vacuumed or professionally cleaned as per the special conditions of your Lease Agreement and as per your Inspection Report.

   - Lawns to be mown, gardens to be weeded and all edges to be tidy with clippings removed. Vegetable gardens to be weeded and any dead lawn patches due to the allowance of animals on the premises these patches are to be sown down to seed.

   - Garden sheds where applicable are to be free of rubbish and hosed out with the removal of any cobwebs both internally and externally.

   - Any hoses, sprinklers etc to be stored in the garage or if no garage in the laundry.

   - Garbage bins with any rubbish in them are to be put out on the kerb for the next garbage collection date and if emptied hosed out.

   - Paths, driveways, pergolas and BBQ areas to be swept and hosed and any oil stains or grease stains removed.