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Raine & Horne announces winner of WA solar panel promotion

Media release - 17th January, 2013

Solar panel could shave up to two-thirds off electricity bills

  • Mandurah couple win $8,000 fully-installed three kilowatt solar panel from Raine & Horne and Solar-E
  • Households could save over two-thirds on their power bills by switching to solar energy
  • The WA Government has estimated household electrical bills will rise by 3.5% from July 2012

Tony and Joy Warren, from Greenfields in Mandurah, are the winners of a solar panel system valued at $8,000 before rebates and incentives, following the recent draw of the Raine & Horne / Solar-E Solar Panel promotion.

The Greenfields couple scooped the prize in the promotion, which attracted hundreds of entries from WA residents, walking away with a much sought-after three kilowatt Hareon, photo-voltaic, solar panel system including inverter and installation.

Joy Warren said she was thrilled by the win.L-R: Tony Warren, Phil Hayes (Raine & Horne), Joy Warren, Veronica Marsh, Robin Marsh, and Michael Thomas (Solar-E)

“We already have solar panels installed on our own home, so we have decided to support our tenants and install this fantastic prize on our investment property.”

“Our tenants will be making substantial savings on their electricity bill and I think everyone in WA should consider the substantial savings possible by installing solar panels on their home,” said Ms Warren.

Indeed, the Western Australian Department of Finance estimated that household electricity prices in WA would rise by 3.5% from July 2012, independent of the new carbon tax introduced in the same month.[i]

Angus Raine, CEO of Raine & Horne, said skyrocketing household electrical bills have left a large hole in the budgets of many WA residents.

“Raine & Horne, along with Solar-E, wanted to do our bit to help clients and customers combat the increasing cost of electricity with this solar panel promotion.”

In addition, Mr Raine said that installing a solar panel on the roof of a home could potentially increase the value of a property when it comes time to sell.

“Buyers look favourably on houses with energy saving features, because they understand that they will be making savings on their utility bills long after they’ve bought,” said Mr Raine.

“It is also possible home buyers will be prepared to pay more for the property because they know they will save a bundle on their energy expenses over the long term.”

Michael Thomas, Consultant at Solar-E, concurred, adding that taking the green option with a solar panel can generate significant savings.

“Depending on your usage, a solar panel could shave up to two-thirds off your next electricity bill.

“For example, the three Kilowatt solar panel we installed for Tony and Joy Warren, will generate an energy offset of around 15 units a day, which in dollar terms will save their tenants around $225 per bill, if all the power produced by the system is consumed,” said Mr Thomas.

According to Mr Thomas, the success of the solar panel promotion may prompt a similar campaign in the future.

“It was a great opportunity for Solar-E to work with the well-respected and recognisable Raine & Horne brand, and the promotion helped publicise clean energy awareness right across the state.”

For more information on solar panel systems, contact Solar-E on 1300 600 222.


For further media information contact:

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