Raine & Horne launches advanced automated digital marketing platform to revolutionise property sales via social media

Angus Raine, Executive Chairman Raine & Horne, and Christian Overaa, CEO CCT

Media release

  • Amplify provides an average increase of seven times more property page views and seventeen times more viewing time than the industry average for online property marketing
  • In an Australian-first, up to 72 unique ads are created and streamed across multiple online sites, continuously optimising to reach the most relevant buyers
  • Live dashboards provide up-to-the-minute insights and analytics for agents and vendors
  • European real estate partners using the same technology have recorded reduced time on market and increased sales prices

Sydney, NSW (28 February 2018) Raine & Horne have announced the launch of Amplify, an online advertising platform that is delivering an average of 700% more property page views on RH.com.au than traditional digital marketing systems.

In trials, Amplify has achieved average click-through rates of 12% and average reading times of 2.16 minutes per online advertisement. These results compare favourably with the average real estate industry click-through rate of 0.98% and reading times of 8.07 seconds[i].

Developed by European automated social media marketing specialists CCT Marketing[ii], Amplify combines the next generation in programmatic marketing with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and the Google Ad network, according to Angus Raine, Executive Chairman, Raine & Horne.

“Amplify gives our property listings and managements seven times more exposure to buyers and tenants, who are increasingly using social media platforms to find a suitable property.”

“These results may sound hard to believe. However, as the only real estate company to gain exclusive access to Amplify Australia-wide we have tested the product in sample markets across the country, and the outcomes have blown us away.”

Multiple advertising central to Amplify’s point of difference

The platform’s success lies in its capability to create and stream up to 72 unique ads across multiple sites, from uploaded property images and professionally written advertising copy.

Using the latest in programmatic marketing, Amplify then engages intelligent algorithms to continuously optimise an ad campaign. Constant adaptation enables the system to stream the best performing ads and directly target active and passive real estate consumers based on their online profile and behaviours, presenting them with the most relevant property listings.

“The platform learns as it goes, matching buyers with other consumers who have similar interests, making this a more impactful tool than what we’ve seen previously. It sends users a variation of the advertisement aligned with the features they look for in a property, whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, a swimming pool in the backyard or proximity to a school or hospital,” noted Mr Raine.

Real-time analytics from the comfort of your lounge

Amplify provides every vendor with full visibility, thanks to a live dashboard that delivers real-time analytics and insights to their smartphone, tablet or desktop. From the size of the target audience, exact number of advertisement views and cost per click to rates of engagement, the analytics are updated hourly throughout the campaign.

“Digital technology is now so ingrained in the industry that clients want and expect instant access to information. Amplify provides this, with live insights at their fingertips to keep them abreast of how the market is reacting to their property campaign,” said Mr Raine.

Australia-first to change the face of property marketing

Since its inception into European property markets, CCT has provided a distinct advantage to companies using the platform in the UK, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands.

“Our technology is driving sales in traditionally slow-moving property markets by improving buyer numbers, in turn helping to reduce time on market, and in some cases, increasing sales prices,” said Christian Overaa, Chief Executive Officer, CCT Marketing.

“In Europe, our real estate partners, which include Nybolig (Denmark), Privat Megleren (Norway) and Spicerhaart (UK), have found this product to provide them with a distinct advantage in the property market, and we are delighted to introduce CCT’s advanced automated marketing technology to the Australian market in partnership with Raine & Horne.

“The high rates of digital and social media consumption amongst the Australian population present the ideal conditions for an IT innovator such as Raine & Horne to penetrate the online audience with our intelligent and highly targeted marketing technology.”



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[i] Source: Sparc Media 2017 Social Media Report

[ii] https://www.cct-marketing.com/