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Raine & Horne is an Australian real estate Superbrand, that has consistently delivered outstanding financial results for over 140 years and has become Australia's most loved and trusted real estate agency group
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When you join Raine & Horne, you are partnering with a global group who are on your side and in it for the long haul. From the very beginning, your dedicated marketing, IT, and training teams will be a constant point of contact for you, along with your own dedicated Network Manager.

With more than 140 years at the forefront of Australian real estate, you will work closely with a team who understand the vast and differing locales across the country. We partner with you to build a strategic approach focused on seeing your immediate and long-term business goals become reality.

Your success is our success, and we are passionate about helping you implement robust processes, cutting edge technology and strong strategies to win more listings, grow your rent roll, recruit and retain the best staff.

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We love what we do, and we’ve built a strong culture amongst this proud Australian firm.

What We Offer

Raine & Horne pride themselves on offering the best tech on the market. We evaluate everything and partner with the right suppliers to offer you the best products at the best prices. Included:

  • CRM – Their source of truth. R&H’s CompassPlus is a game changer as it caters for both Sales & PM. An industry first!
  • Microsoft O365 – Personal Cloud Storage, Email, Communications Tools, Access to the suite of products (Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc)
  • RP Data – We’ve partnered with the leading real estate data source. RP Data is heavily integrated with our CRM, website and other products
  • Website – Your own templated website that has enough customisable options to cater to your local area.
  • SEO – We have in-house SEO consultants continually monitoring to improve your search engine position. No need for outside consultants!
  • Intranet – Stay up to date and connected with the network through RH Scout. View industry & group news, register to events & training, access templates.

Focused on the growth, promotion and development of your business, our dedicated marketing department implements marketing, public relations and communications collateral.

  • Production and design – Make use of ready-to-go local area consumer and product campaigns
  • Bespoke collateral – Our team will work with you to develop creative marketing and promotional material
  • Brand awareness – Responsible for the management and elevation of the Raine & Horne brand, the marketing team will help you stand out in your local area
  • Social media support – whether you’re after scroll stopping content, best practice advice for your pages or alike, we can help you make the most of your social accounts
  • Communications & Public relations – Full-service internal & external communications support, industry news, insights, newsletter & more. A strategic approach to generate industry-wide awareness of your success.
  • Engagement and incentive – You will have access to exclusive events, internal incentives, discounts and competitions

Never stop developing, never stop looking to grow your team, your market share and in turn your business. We offer comprehensive training programs to help you and your business succeed.

  • Business Bootcamp – New offices are enrolled in our comprehensive business boot camp: Profit & Growth, covers: strategy to leadership, profitability and sustainability.
  • Industry experts – We have access to the best of the best within the industry, and we bring them to you and your team regularly via webinar and in-person sessions.
  • Qualified trainers – Providing targeted high-quality outcomes. Our training is hands-on, interactive and delivered in small groups or via webinar, learn at your own pace.
  • End-to-end support – Our sustainable training program has been built to support all functions of your business, for sales, PM, office support, social media, digital and compliance. 24x7 training access to resources and webinars.
  • Region support – In addition to all of this, your dedicated Network Manager will regularly provide in-office support with you and your team, along with regular regional meetings.

Raine & Horne’s team are ready to help you and your business thrive. Here to support you as you grow, our skillsets span across all sectors, these include:

  • Computing, I.T and Helpdesk support – You will have access to 9am - 5pm / 5 days a week, tech support. This could be anything from email set up’s to investigating security breaches
  • Marketing and design – Bring your vision to life through the production of bespoke and ready-made digital and print collateral to help you truly make an impact in your local market.
  • Business Support and operations – Your own dedicated Network Manager is on call for guidance or if you need assistance in navigating the day-to-day operations your office.
  • PR & Communications – Our team are here to showcase you! Call on us for assistance with generating publicity for your business, guidance on copywriting and social media expertise.
  • Learning & development – We offer training and coaching on everything! From using our products and adopting best practice processes to develop and grow your business.
Feature Products
Our unique social and search marketing AI tool puts your listing in front of buyers, like no other agency can offer.
Our Sales, PM and Commercial CRM is our source of truth. Equipped with open API, Mobile App and Offline functionality.
Our bespoke interactive digital appraisal platform for Sales and PM, sent to your potential clients to win new business.
Creates a large range of print marketing material and electronic marketing content. Integrates with CompassPlus.
Our bespoke real estate workflow that can take any agent from the start of the listing process right through to settlement with its collaborative and cohesive digital hub.
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Philip Grove

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