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How can I reduce my energy bill this winter?

July 4, 2024

As the temperature drops, our need to stay warm in winter increases, often leading to greater reliance on expensive heating solutions that strain our budgets. 

With predictions of another interest rate hike next month, many homeowners may be feeling the financial heat and need to find cost-saving hacks to keep the family budget in check. By using simple and cost-effective heating strategies, you can manage expenses while keeping Jack Frost at bay. 

Traditional methods, such as hot water bottles and extra blankets, can keep you warm at night without straining your budget. If you prefer electric blankets, use them to preheat your bed and switch them off before sleeping.

For families with children, encouraging them to do their homework together in the living room can reduce the cost of heating multiple rooms.

Simple actions such as closing doors to unused rooms and opening curtains during the day to let in sunlight can also lower energy costs. Remember to close the curtains at night and seal any draughts around windows or doors to maximise the efficiency of your eco-friendly and cost-effective heating system.

Wood is an excellent renewable resource for heating if sustainably harvested. However, according to some industry studies, only 10% of homes use wood for heating. Ensure the wood is sourced sustainably and avoid treated timbers, which can release toxic pollutants when burned.

Yourhome.gov.au advises homeowners to burn wood in an airtight, slow-combustion heater or stove, the most energy-efficient type of wood heater. These heaters use less wood and cost less to operate.  

If you still need to turn on the air conditioner, follow energy company recommendations by maintaining a heated room between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius. Every degree above 21 degrees can add approximately 10% to your energy bill[i]. If 21 degrees still feels chilly, consider putting on an extra jumper or jersey to save on heating costs.

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[i] https://www.climatechoices.act.gov.au/energy/energy-efficiency/how-to-stay-warm-in-winter-and-save