Raine & Horne Rural Dubbo foster connections within Central NSW

  • Stuart Rae and Simon Scoles from Raine & Horne Rural Dubbo showcased the brand’s rural property expertise at Nyngan Ag Expo.
  • The event attracted thousands of visitors, offering Raine & Horne Rural Dubbo an opportunity to connect with potential clients.
  • The duo aimed to build community relationships and introduce their services for future engagement in rural property sales.

The dynamic duo from Raine & Horne Rural Dubbo, Stuart Rae and Simon Scoles, recently showcased the prowess of the rural property brand at the famous Nyngan Ag Expo in Central NSW. 

The recent event attracted thousands of visitors and provided an excellent marketing opportunity for Raine & Horne Rural Dubbo to engage with strategic rural property clients.

Ken Mongan, Managing Director, Raine & Horne Rural Dubbo, said, “Stuart and Simon are both well-versed in the agricultural industry having grown up on rural properties and are no strangers to field days, and they embraced the opportunity to present our rural property service offerings under the iconic Raine & Horne Rural banner at the Nyngan Ag Expo. 

“The expo marked the first outing for the beefed up Raine & Horne Rural brand in Central NSW, and Stuart and Simon created a lasting impact on attendees and forged valuable connections within the rural communities surrounding Dubbo, Nyngan, Molong and Narromine.”

While the event yielded a number of strong leads, Mr Rae emphasized that the primary goal for himself and Mr Scoles was to build on established relationships with the farming community. “We aimed to highlight our business to the people around Dubbo and let them know about our services.”

The feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Mr Rae reflected, “The attendees at the Nyngan Expo are just fantastic. Engaging with them was an absolute pleasure. 

“Building these connections takes time; it’s about sowing the seeds that will eventually bear fruit.”

“For these farmers, nothing beats face-to-face conversations. Even on the phone, I’ll be on and off as fast as possible, but in person, I could sit and chat with someone in the kitchen or at an expo for an extended period,” Mr Rae said.

“Many farmers are the same. They like to look at who they’re talking to and read their body language. This makes them feel more comfortable.”

Mr Rae added, “Our approach at an expo or other community event is about finding common ground, discussing matters face-to-face without the pressure of sales agendas. Our goal is to be the trusted advisors a farmer turns to when they decide to sell.

Nyngan holds a special place for Mr Rae and Mr Scoles due to their history and experience in the region. 

“We’ve had the privilege of serving this community before,” explained Mr Scoles. “Our ties run deep, and this event was a chance to reinvigorate those relationships. We’re focusing on an underserved area and building connections that will ripple across the region.”

Mr Travis Wentriro, Network Manager, Raine & Horne Rural said he was delighted to see that Raine & Horne Rural Dubbo is investing in their business by attending community events such as the Nyngan Ag Expo.

“We are investing heavily from a corporate level in our Raine & Horne Rural brand and already it is already paying dividends with 20% increase in the listings on www.rh.com.au/rural website, while we have several offices set to join us before the start of summer.

“The momentum that we’re seeing really underpins our push into the Rural sector, with 20 Rural branded offices already in our network.”

For all your rural real estate sales and property management needs in Dubbo and surrounding areas, contact Raine & Horne Rural Dubbo on 02 6882 1755.