Raine & Horne


There’s a wide variation in rural property types, making it impossible to apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach to leasing rural real estate. Instead, the industry knowledge and understanding applied by Raine & Horne Rural provides a tailored approach to each property to help rural renters meet their real estate goals.

We offer an extensive mixture of leasing services, including the development of leasing and pre-commitment strategies, market rental appraisals, and property advisory services across all aspects of the rural property sector. 

The strength of an international network and longstanding rural expertise provided by our team ensures that your requirements are taken into consideration, and the unique details of a rural transaction are managed by our experienced staff.

Our team do it all, whether it’s delivering specialised advice, negotiating the best possible deals on leased land, or providing insight and knowledge on the market. We pride ourselves on being informed, accessible and highly-trained industry experts who know what it takes to achieve the right results for you. 

If you’re looking to rent a rural property, speak to one of our representatives today.