Selling Tips

we'll look after you
we'll look after you

Here are some suggestions that might help you gain a better price and sell faster.  

Spring clean
A thorough house cleaning will give your home that well-kept look.

  • clean walls, floors, skirting boards, marks on carpet, light switches
  • put clutter away neatly in cupboards
  • clear table and counter tops
  • don't leave dishes in the sink
  • reduce clutter with a garage sale, or sell unwanted items using other methods

Remove obstructions
Remove objects from the floor such as children's toys which might cause accidents. Keep the front entrance and stairways clear. 

Bright houses sell well. Open curtains and turn on lights before inspections.

Fix obvious faults
Faults encourage buyers to look for more. Identify faults and fix them, including ‘little things’ like loose doorknobs, screens that won't close, leaky taps etc.

You love them, but maybe buyers won't. Keep them outside during inspections.

Cooking, pets, dampness and smoking can give your house a nasty smell. Have carpets and curtains cleaned and open windows before inspections.

Kitchens and bathrooms
These are the most important rooms in the house. They can help secure a sale if they are squeaky clean.

First impressions
Check that your house looks attractive from the street or your agent may find it difficult to get buyers in the front door.

  • Clear overgrown gardens. Do it yourself or hire a professional.
  • Keep lawns trimmed and edged
  • Remove leaves from paths and verandas.
  • Ensure your windows are sparkling.
  • Spruce up the exterior by washing down or repainting.
  • Clean guttering, brush away leaves and cobwebs.

Unsightly problems in your street will detract from your home. It might involve you having to (tactfully) ask a neighbour to remove their semi-trailer or skip bin from the footpath.

Prune trees and shrubs if they are blocking your best views. Clean windows and screens add to the view.

Homely touches
Place fresh flowers on the table, a bowl of fruit, or jars of cookies in the kitchen. Buying is an emotional decision so ensure your house feels like a home.

Silence is golden
Turn off the television and any loud music. Soft light classical music is appropriate.

Clean out cupboards. The less they have in them, the bigger they look. Storage space is an important selling feature.

Avoid confusion
Remove or replace prior to marketing any item not included in the sale. Ask your agent for a special tag, marking the item ‘not included in sale’.

Welcome buyers with a warm home in winter or a cool home in summer.

Make sure you give your agent a key to the front door, not a rear door.  Your potential buyers are too important bring in via the ‘tradesman's entrance’.

Let the agent to do their job
Buyers can feel uncomfortable if the owner is home, so try not to be around during inspections. If you can’t avoid it, be as inconspicuous as possible. Importantly, don’t apologise for your home. Let your agent handle everything. They have lots of experience and that's what you’re paying them for.

Tell people your home is for sale
Tell people which company/agent is handling your sale. The best way to do this is to use our distinctive signboard. More than 25% of buyers are attracted by our signs.