Tips for Tenants: Cleaning Instructions When Vacating

To avoid cleaning charges it would be in your best interest to ensure the following items are attended to before vacating the property.



  • Windows, windowsills and fly screens to be properly cleaned. Windows to be washed inside and out and be free from streaks & smears. Window tracks to be left free of dirt & insects. 

  • Walls must be washed to remove any marks.

  • Curtains to be washed or dry-cleaned and re-hung.

  • Venetian blinds to be properly cleaned. May be carefully taken down & washed outside. Particular attention should be paid to the areas behind tapes.

  • All personal property to be removed. 

  • All rubbish to be removed from the premises.

  • Garbage bins to be emptied, washed and returned to allocated space.

  • Marks or oil on concrete to be removed (garage, paths, driveways etc.)

  • Inventory to be in accordance with the lease.

  • Doors & door frames to be left clean.

  • Light fittings, power points and switches to be cleaned.

  • Lawns & gardens to be maintained – applicable to houses, townhouses & villas.

  • Outside of houses, townhouses, villas, etc., to be washed down and free of cobwebs.

  • Furniture to be properly cleaned and polished. Mattress – covers to be washed.

  • Floors vinyl, tiles, parquetry, polished floors to be cleaned and polished. Carpets to be left clean. If you required, we can recommend a number of professional steam cleaners with competitive rates.

  • Damage caused to the premises by the tenant must be repaired at your expense.  


  • Stove to be thoroughly cleaned including: hot plate wells and surrounds, griller, oven (racks, sides, rear, floor & walls). Electric stoves may be pulled away from the wall to enable sides and behind to be cleaned (take care not to damage floor). We recommend the use of a powerful cleanser for stoves. Eg. Mr Muscle or similar.

  • Kitchen cupboards to be thoroughly cleaned inside & out and sticky marks to be removed.

  • Tiles & bench tops to be thoroughly cleaned & free of grease.

  • Sink & disposal unit (if applicable) to be cleaned.

  • Refrigerator (if applicable) to be defrosted – water emptied, shelves cleaned. To be switched off and door left opened. 


  • All mould to be removed from tiles, walls, ceiling or other surfaces.

  • Vanity & basin to be cleaned inside and out.

  • Bath & toilet to be cleaned thoroughly.

  • Shower recess and shower glass to be thoroughly cleaned. 


  • Tub to be cleaned inside and out.

  • Washing machine & dryer (if applicable) to be cleaned inside & out.  


  • Have you changed the locks?

  • Please advise the office NOW.

  • Please provide a duplicate key for emergency purposes.


To avoid any dispute, please attend to all of the above.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to phone the office on 9799-2999.