FAQ- Tenants

  • Why do we pay two weeks rent/1 months rent in advance?

When you pay the Bond and first two weeks rent/1 months rent, this is for your first two weeks/1 months rent, it does not put you in advance and therefore you will not receive it back at the end of your tenancy.


  • Where tenant ledger can be accessed?

Tenant ledgers can be accessed through the online portal or by requesting it from your property manager.


  • Can I meet you at the property to collect keys on the day we move in?

If you are collecting keys on the day you move into the property, you will collect them from our Office in Parap, not at the property.

  • Why cant our maintenance be done straight way?

Before we attend to any maintenance issues, we have to contact the owner and get their permission.

  • What is emergency maintenance?

Emergency maintenance is anything dangerous or life threatening.

Our ‘Emergency Only’ telephone number is: 0407 182 684 for after hours repairs ONLY.

Listed below are the repairs that are considered an Emergency Repair:

  • a water service that provides water to the premises that has burst;
  • a blocked or broken toilet system (except in the instance where a 2nd toilet is in working condition);
  • a serious roof leak;
  • a gas leak;
  • a dangerous electrical fault;
  • flooding or serious flood damage;
  • serious storm, fire or impact damage;
  • a failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the premises;
  • a failure or breakdown of an essential service or damage that makes the premises unsafe or insecure;


  • Why do Tenants have to pay for water?

Depending on your lease you need to check what your allowance is. 


  • What happens if I forget to pay my rent?

We have a zero arrears policy. Contact is made from the PM from 1 day in arrears.


  • How often do I have property inspections?

Inspections are every 16 weeks or as close to as possible.

  • How do I break my lease?

When you break your lease you are responsible for fees that the owner would incur:

Any rent that you would have been liable to pay if a lease break hadn’t occurred

Expenses incurred by the landlord in securing new tenants for the premises


  • How do I set up my power and who is responsible for it?

You, the Tenant, are entirely responsible for the cost of the electricity that is used the property. As of the commencement date of the tenancy, the electricity must be connected in your name. You can do this contacting Jac­ana Energy on 1800 522 262 or www.jacanaenergy.com.au



  • Can I get a pet?

You can not just get a pet and put them in the property. You must contact your property manager who will get approval from the owner/body corporate and will let you know if and when you can proceed with a pet. You will also need to sign a pet clause upon approval.


  • Who is responsible for the pool/spa?

Pools and Spa: A demonstation will be arranged with you from a pool company to teach you how to look after the pool. After that you are responsible for maintaining and cleaning the pool/ spa during your tenancy. 

  • What is a cyclone policy?

Cyclone emergency plans

As you may already be aware The Top End is prone to cyclones and severe storms from November through to May each year. Cyclones can last for a few days or up to two or three weeks, so bing prepared is paramount. The NT Government provides a great deal of information regarding cyclones, damaging storms and storm surges on their websites. It is important to have a basic understanding of how to survive a cyclone and how best to prepare.

Link to Emergency Services