At Raine & Horne we are thinking of all of those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we appreciate the healthcare workers, local communities, and governments around the world who are on the front line working to contain this virus.

Our network remains committed to stopping the spread and helping flatten the curve. As each State and Territory transitions out of restrictions, remember that your friendly Raine & Horne agents are here to make finding “home” easy, safe and stress-free. We will continue to offer virtual and in-person options to inspect and explore, and we remain committed to practising the highest hygiene and sanitisation standards.

Whether it is buying, selling, leasing or property management, our entire team are still here to assist you, and we look forward to continuing to help make your property dreams come true.

Angus Raine,
Executive Chairman, Raine & Horne


Sales and Rental Inspections

When we are inspecting your home, or conducting an inspection either by appointment or traditionally, according to the state government’s allowances, you can expect the following:

  • Social distancing and strict hygiene protocols will be observed;
  • The state’s inspections requirement will be observed including, if required, the state’s maximum number of people inside the building or per square meter;
  • Detailed contact records of people attending inspections will be kept;
  • People with any symptoms of illness, or from a restricted hotspot, will not be allowed to enter the property; 
  • Hand sanitiser will be made available to everyone (where available);
  • Your agent will open all doors prior to the inspection to minimise the need for prospective buyers or renters to touch any surfaces;
  • Prospective buyers and renters will be asked to refrain from touching surfaces;

Tenancy Routine Inspections

  • Depending on your state’s inspections requirements, you may be requested to conduct your routine inspection online;
  • Your agent will advise you on how the online inspection will be conducted;
  • The renter will take our Property Manager through the home via video and the report will be made available to the property owner. You may also be asked to take a couple of photos per room to provide to the owner;
  • Tradespeople attending rental properties will be asked to declare if they are unwell, or from a restricted hotspot, and, if so, will be rescheduled or an alternative tradesperson found;
  • Emergency repairs and maintenance will be dealt with as a priority. Non-urgent maintenance may not be attended to if unallowed due to the state’s current COVID-19 restrictions. Please be aware they may be delays in securing tradespeople.

Rent Payments

We feel for those whose livelihoods have been impacted by COVID-19 and will assist in any way we can. Our focus is about ensuring people feel safe and secure in their home.

Where a renter has lost their job or had their hours and wages reduced, we will work with the renter through the issue:

  1. Renter approaches property manager about hardship;
  2. Renter puts in writing what their current situation is and their proposal for moving forward;
  3. The property manager is to forward this request to the property owner;
  4. The property owner is to confirm in writing to the property manager what their offer to the renter is;
  5. Renter is sent the offer in writing for signature. This now becomes their mutually agreed rent for the period specified, unless another amendment is required due to state/territory directive;
  6. The property manager is to manage the amended rent agreement month-to-month as required.

Please check with the Federal Government and your State Government for support that may be available to you. You can access the website here.